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April 5, 2023

Fizza's Automated Pizza Machines Heat Up Google with 10x More Customer Engagement

April 5, 2023
Interview with
Pernilla Johansson
Fizza, the automated pizza machine company, makes freshly baked pizzas served in 3 minutes 24/7. With Mobal they ensure hungry customers find them online.
Food & Beverage
Company size
15 locations
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Key takeaways

1. By using Mobal, Fizza can now efficiently manage their Google profiles with features such as AI-powered content and ready-made templates, resulting in more time saved and easier bulk actions.

2. With the help of Mobal, Fizza continue to delight both their Finnish and international customers with their 24/7 pizza vending machines online.

3. As a result of managing their business profiles, Fizza now has 27 times more views in their Google profiles and 10 times more actions taken on their Google profiles. 

Imagine this: you're hungry, it's late, and all you want is a slice of pizza. You look outside, and there's not a single pizza place open. Frustration sets in, and you feel like you'll have to settle for a bland microwave dinner. But what if I told you there's a solution to your late-night pizza cravings? Meet Fizza, the Finnish pizza company that's open 24/7 and offer artisanal pizzas that can be ready to eat in just three minutes, or bought cold or baked at home. 

We had a chat with Pernilla Johansson, marketing specialist at Fizza. Johansson is responsible for Fizzas Google Business profiles and social media channels. 

Fizza goes global, how Fizza uses Mobal to reach local audiences on new markets  

With 11 locations in Finland and four abroad with more to open up soon, Fizza provides artisanal pizzas, available 24/7 and ready to eat in just 3 minutes. With so many business profiles to manage, Johansson needed a tool that could help her streamline the process and get more control over Fizza's online presence.

Most customer journeys start on Google. By ensuring their presence on Google is top-notch, local customers on new markets can easily navigate to the pizza vending machines. To have their business profiles in shape is essential for getting found by hungry customers looking for pizza. 

27x more views in Fizzas business profiles on Google

Before Mobal, managing business listings was somewhat of a challenge. The team had to log in to multiple platforms, spend much time responding to reviews, and ensure everything was up-to-date. With Mobal, Johansson can now connect all of Fizza's Google profiles in one place, saving time and effort.

One of the key things Johansson emphasizes is the ease of use of the platform. With bulk actions and the ability to see what's happening in Fizza's profiles, Mobal became a game-changer for Johansson. 

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The power of bulk actions and automated templates

The bulk actions feature on  Mobal is one of the essential features for Fizza. It allows Johansson to make changes to multiple listings at once. She can now update hours of operation, change business descriptions, publish posts and even respond to reviews with just a few clicks. 

"Mobal is easy to use, and really easy to see what is going on in the profiles; the bulk actions are also great." - Pernilla Johansson. 

The automated review templates were also a game-changer. Johansson uses the "ready-made" texts to quickly and efficiently respond to reviews, saving even more time.

Streamlined Business Profiles Online 

Since using Mobal, Fizza's online presence has improved significantly. Johansson has seen an increased number of reviews, profile views, and actions taken in the profile. The tool has helped her save time and effort, allowing her to focus on more critical aspects of the business.

27 times more views in their Google profiles.
10 times more actions taken on their Google profiles. 

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"I highly recommend Mobal to anyone who manages business profiles. It's easy to use, fast, and efficient, making it a must-have tool for any business looking to improve its online presence." -  Pernilla Johansson. 

Mobal has helped Johansson save time, increase engagement, and streamline the process of managing multiple listings. If you're looking for a tool that can help you take control of your online presence, look no further than Mobal. Book a demo today to see the power of Mobal.

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