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Automated Review Management

Manage your reviews quickly, efficiently, and with a personalized touch.

Build trust and generate sales with review management

When a customer sees that the reviews and questions from customers get real responses, it dramatically increases the trust in your business, which results in higher numbers of loyal customers.

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of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business



of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations



more reviews on Google for businesses that manage their online reputation.

Make your customers feel seen

Everyone enjoys the warmth that a smile from a real person gives. We all respond positively to genuine interaction, so it's important to do so in the digital environment.

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So many reviews. One place to manage them.

Manage your reviews smartly.

Manage all your reviews from one centralized dashboard.

Communicate better with your customers

Save time by using automated review templates

Get all reviews under the same dashboard

Optimise your workflows

Use filters and automations for scalability

Review guide

Learn how to best manage your reviews

How do I get more customers to leave reviews? What's the best way to manage reviews? Find the answers in our guide.

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Tip-top templates

Easily reply to every single review with ready-made templates. Never leave a customer hanging.

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Turn negative reviews into positive results

Use the power of reviews. Reviews are the number one thing customers use when making a purchasing decision.  Connect with customers and improve your business operations by managing your reviews. Mobal makes review management quick, easy and delightful.

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Make better business decisions

Spot trends, issues and insights. Your reviews provide a source of valuable customer data. Easily figure out what customers like and don’t like. Highlight the data for your specific locations and use it to make better business decisions.

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Mobal Customer

"Our reviews are now managed very efficiently and responses always keep high quality.”  

Olivia Laaksonen - Marketing Coordinator at TEMPUR

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Elevate your online visiblity

Business Listings

Manage and optimize your digital storefronts. Ensure your business gets found online by managing your business listings with Mobal.

Reputation Management

Improve your brands image and monitor how customers feel about your business by actively managing your reputation online.

Review Management

First impressions count, and your business listings are the first thing people see when they look for you online. Turn people who are just checking in into people checking out by making them feel seen and heard.

Frequently asked questions

How do I respond to a negative review?

Always acknowledge the issue and respond calmly, honestly and openly. Respond promptly and stay professional. Try to understand the problem before replying and show compassion. It's always good to offer to talk it over and invite the customer to give you a call or send an email to talk it over. How you respond to a review reflects how the customer will feel about your business.

How do I respond to reviews on Google? 

To respond to reviews on Google you first need to claim your Google Business Profile. You'l then have access to reply publicly to the reviews in your profile. For positive reviews, a "thank you" and a personalized message is often much appreciated, while negative reviews requires a bit more attention and acknowledgment. Responding to reviews shows that you care about your customers.

How to remove a bad review on Google?

Google does not offer a simple "delete" option for reviews. To remove an inappropriate review from Google, you must first read their reviews policy and then report the review. Google can remove reviews that violate its policy. The other way to get a review removed is to ask the writer to delete it or rewrite it.

Whats the best way to respond to a review?

Always thank the reviewer for leaving a review. Then make it personalized by mentioning the name of the reviewer, for example. Try to keep it short and authentic and invite the person to take action. This could for example be to invite them back to your store or letting them now about a special offer, or similar.

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