Boost Your EV Charging Station Visibility on Google and Apple Maps

Ensure drivers easily find your EV charging stations by adding them to both Google and Apple Maps.

EV Charging Stations to Google and Apple Maps

Enhance Driver Convenience and Increase Traffic

Ensure drivers easily find your charging stations, leading to higher utilization and satisfaction.

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EV Charging stations on Google Maps
Why Mobal

Take full control of your EV charging stations on all major map directories

Update your information in real-time across all platforms, ensuring your customers always have the most current information.

Business informaton

Ensure your information is always correct online, from contact details to business hours.

Media, content & campaigns

Create compelling profiles by publishing media, posts and offers to make sure drivers stop at your station.
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Customer reviews

Reply to customer reviews on Google in any language, with the help of AI.


Get an overview of how your business profiles are performing and how people find your charging stations online.

Drive More Traffic To Your EV Charging Stations with Mobal

Our experts help you connect your charging stations to Google and Apple Maps, plus 20+ other directories, ensuring maximum visibility and traffic.Our experts help you connect your charging stations to Google and Apple Maps, plus 20+ other directories, ensuring maximum visibility and traffic.

Connect your business profiles

Easily link all your business profiles to Mobal for seamless integration and management.

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Use Mobals API to get started

Whether you need basic data management or a fully integrated API solution, Mobal has you covered.

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Why Mobal is Your Best Choice for EV Charging Station Managemen

Mobal seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, effortlessly incorporating your charging stations into Google, Apple Maps, and over 20 other online directories. Experience a smooth, hassle-free process from start to finish.

Streamlined profile management

With Mobal, managing your EV charging stations on both Google and Apple Maps is effortless. Our intuitive platform simplifies the process, allowing you to easily add, update, and monitor your stations with ease.

Maximize visibility on maps online

By integrating your charging stations with Google and Apple Maps, you'll significantly increase their visibility to electric vehicle drivers. This enhanced visibility translates to more traffic and higher utilization rates for your stations.

Be easily discoverable by drivers

Reach a wider audience of electric vehicle drivers by leveraging the power of the two most popular navigation platforms. With Mobal, your charging stations will be easily discoverable by drivers wherever they are.

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