January 25, 2024

Why does Google keep changing my opening hours?

January 25, 2024
Discover why Google may change your business's opening hours and learn proactive tips to manage and maintain accurate information on Google Business. Stay informed, engage with customer feedback, and update your listing regularly to enhance your online presence and provide a positive customer experience.
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This article explores the reasons behind unexpected changes in opening hours on Google Business (Google Maps and Google Search) and provides actionable tips for business owners to manage and maintain accurate information. It emphasizes the importance of proactive engagement, regular updates, and staying informed about Google algorithm changes to ensure a positive online presence and customer experience.

Understanding and Managing Google Opening Hours: A Guide to Addressing Changes

Maintaining accurate business information online is crucial for attracting customers. Google Business is a powerful tool that allows businesses to showcase their details, including opening hours.

However, some businesses may be perplexed when Google seemingly changes their opening hours without warning. This article will explore the reasons behind these changes and provide actionable tips for managing and maintaining accurate opening hours on Google.

Why Google Changes Opening Hours

The three main reasons why your opening hours on Google might change, without your permission: 

User-Generated Edits:

Google Business relies on user-generated content; sometimes, well-intentioned users may submit edits to opening hours. These edits can be automatically applied if they gain enough credibility or the business owner needs to manage their GBP listing actively.

Tip: Regularly check your Google Business profiles on Mobal for any pending edits and verify them to ensure accuracy.

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google's algorithms continuously evolve to enhance user experience. Algorithm changes may affect how Google displays business information, including opening hours. Algorithm updates aim to provide users with the most relevant and trustworthy information.

Tip: Stay informed about algorithm changes by following Google's official updates and adjust your Google Business profile accordingly.

Seasonal Variations:

Certain businesses may have seasonal changes in opening hours. Google may adjust the displayed hours based on historical data or user patterns during specific seasons. For instance, extended summer hours or holiday closures may impact the displayed information.

Tip: Update your Google Business Profile well in advance to reflect any seasonal variations in opening hours.

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Managing Your Opening Hours on Google:

Claim and Verify Your Google Business Profile:

Ensure you have claimed and verified your business on Google. This not only gives you control over your profile but also allows you to receive notifications about any suggested edits.

Tip: Regularly log in to Mobal to check for any update notifications.

Be Proactive in Updating Information:

Regularly update your opening hours on Mobal, especially during holidays, special events, or any changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Keeping this information current reduces the likelihood of user-generated edits.

Tip: Set a reminder to review and update your opening hours on Google Business (and all your other online profiles on Apple Maps, Bing, and Facebook) at least once a month.

Monitor Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews can sometimes highlight discrepancies in opening hours. Engage with your customers, thank them for their feedback, and address any concerns promptly. This improves customer relations and signals to Google that you actively manage your listing.

Tip: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews that mention accurate opening hours.


Understanding why Google changed your opening hours is the first step towards proactive management. By claiming and verifying your listing, staying informed about algorithm updates, and regularly updating your information, you can ensure that potential customers receive accurate and up-to-date information about your business.

A proactive approach to managing your Google Business profile enhances your online presence and contributes to a positive customer experience.

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