November 24, 2022

Mobal at Slush - 2022 Recap

May 5, 2023
Jenny Jäntti
Cold and dark November became a little brighter due to Slush - where 4600 startup founders, 2600 investors, and 400 media representatives all created a gathering of 12000 curious minds from across the globe in Helsinki. 
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Cold and dark November became a little brighter due to Slush -  where 4600 startup founders, 2600 investors, and 400 media representatives all created a gathering of 12000 curious minds from across the globe in Helsinki. Mobal being one of them. 

(C) Petri Anttila

This is our take on the Break of Dawn, a complete universe of opportunities

Even though the mission of Slush remains the same: “to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs” (Slush 2022). The ongoing theme of this year's event was the astonishing breakthroughs we’ve seen in science and technology over the past decade, and how these junctures will create exponential opportunities that change the world for the better.

This theme spoke to us, and as of early this fall, we decided to participate at Slush. Not only by offering our employees the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others, but also to showcase our product and present our vision to potential customers, investors, and future talents. 

Our Slush Booth

At our booth we had our People lead Pauliina and Nordic Sales Manager Vincent, and here are a few comments they shared from the event; 

“Many speakers focused on the cultural aspect of a business. Especially People-related speakers at Slush embraced topics such as the importance of feedback and switching the way we approach failing. Rather than thinking of it as a failure, it should be a try-and-error kind of approach. These things just indicate the importance of an excellent working culture. Let’s face it, no one is willing to work at a workplace where culture isn’t prioritized. The other thing that truly inspired me was the amount of young & hungry talents. Even though you would not convert them into hires right after the event, those people are great future possible talent candidates in your talent pool. They can also be potential future customers.”

- Pauliina, People Lead.

“The first conclusion that comes to my mind is the number of people that use Google Business, and how that has become much more concrete these days at Slush. Not a single person claimed that they’ve never interacted with a Google listing. It solidified our hypothesis of business listings replacing websites. It’s also important to highlight that every visitor served a purpose. Some were potential future customers but most of them were Google users, which are also an essential part of our business”

- Vincent, Sales Manager. 

Last but absolutely not least, our COO, Alexander had insights and thoughts that could be summarised in a whole book. But here’s one valuable thing we got inspired from: 

“Time after time, I heard the same three things from people at Slush. Number one, focus on your purpose and the reason for your being. Number two, never forget the importance of caring for your culture and the people you work with. Last, and probably the most important one is to have fun along the way. It’s more often than not much harder than people think. So let’s not forget that part.”

- Alexander, COO.

Slush 2022 was a reminder of the limitless opportunities this world has to offer, and we couldn’t be more inspired and excited about being a part of it with our mission. 

Interested in joining our dynamic team of engineers, marketers, and brilliant business folks? Check out our open positions on our career site.

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