July 1, 2024

June 2024: Updates in Local SEO and Search

July 1, 2024
Read about the latest news in local SEO and local search.
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June 2024 has been a whirlwind of innovation and updates in the digital marketing world. From Google's strategic enhancements aimed at boosting local business visibility to cutting-edge advancements in AI-driven search and advertising tools, the landscape is rapidly evolving. These updates not only promise to refine how businesses connect with their customers but also highlight the growing emphasis on local marketing strategies. Dive into the most significant changes that are shaping the future of local SEO and search.

Local SEO Updates

Google Business Profile Enhancements

  1. New Features: Google added new fields for businesses to specify detailed service offerings and specializations. This allows businesses to highlight unique aspects of their services directly in their Google Business Profile.
  2. Impact: These enhancements improve the visibility of business profiles in local search results. Businesses with comprehensive profiles are more likely to appear in the Local Pack and attract potential customers.

Google Business Profile Chat Feature to Discontinue

Google has announced changes to its Business Profile chat feature, scheduled to take effect beginning July 31, 2024. From this date onward, the chat functionality within Google Business Profile will no longer be available. Despite this change, customers will still be able to discover and contact businesses via Google Search and Maps. They can access essential business information such as website links, descriptions, photos, and other details shared on the Business Profile.


  • July 15, 2024: New chat conversations will be disabled, and customers won't be able to initiate new chats from Google.
  • July 31, 2024: The chat feature will be completely removed from Google Business Profile. Businesses will no longer receive new chat messages.
  • Until August 30, 2024: Businesses can download records of past Business Profile chats using Google Takeout.

What to Do Next

  • Download Chat Records: Businesses are advised to download their past chat history through Google Takeout before August 30, 2024.
  • Alternative Chat Channels: For ongoing customer communications, consider using alternative chat platforms or channels to maintain seamless interaction with customers.

These changes aim to streamline user experience while encouraging businesses to explore alternative communication methods to stay connected with their clientele effectively.

Local Pack Algorithm Update

  1. Algorithm Changes: Google updated its Local Pack algorithm to prioritize businesses with more complete and accurate profiles. Factors such as the number and quality of reviews, consistent NAP information across the web, and active engagement with the profile (e.g., posting updates) are given more weight.
  1. Impact: Businesses that maintain accurate and up-to-date information, as well as actively engage with their profiles, are more likely to benefit from higher rankings in local search results.

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Search Updates

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) Expansion

  1. New Features: Google expanded its AI-driven Search Generative Experience to include AI-generated summaries for long-form content and AI-driven suggestions for refining search queries. This aims to provide users with more comprehensive and relevant information quickly.
  2. Impact: Content creators should focus on producing high-quality, in-depth content that is structured in a way that AI can easily parse and summarize. This will help ensure their content is featured in these AI-generated summaries.

Core Algorithm Update

  1. Focus: The June core algorithm update emphasizes content relevance and quality. Websites with authoritative, well-structured content experienced positive ranking changes, while sites with outdated or thin content saw declines.
  2. Impact: Websites should regularly update and expand their content to maintain relevance and authority. High-quality backlinks, user engagement metrics, and comprehensive content coverage are crucial for maintaining and improving rankings.

Enhanced Video Search

  1. New Capabilities: Google introduced the ability to search within videos, identifying and indexing key moments to improve the discoverability of specific segments. This feature leverages AI to understand video content and provide users with direct access to relevant parts.
  2. Impact: Video creators should optimize their content with clear chapter markers and descriptive titles for each segment. This will help Google's AI index the content more effectively and increase the likelihood of appearing in enhanced video search results.

Key Takeaways

Local SEO

Enhance Google Business Profiles with detailed service information and maintain accurate, consistent NAP data.


Focus on high-quality, structured content and optimize videos for Google’s new search capabilities.

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