Business Hours Widget for Websites

Keep your business hours displayed and updated on your website, so that customers can easily see when you're open.


Never worry about outdated opening hours on your website

Ensure your operating hours are always up-to-date and visible to your customers. Build trust and confidence in your brand and make it easier for customers to do business with you.

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Consistency Across Platforms

The widget synchronizes opening hours across all online platforms where the business is listed, including Google, social media, and directories. This consistency helps avoid discrepancies and confusion, providing a unified and professional online presence.

Real-Time Updates

An all-in-one cusMobal's website widget for opening hours allows businesses to easily update their operating hours in real-time. This ensures that customers always have access to the most accurate and current information, reducing frustration and enhancing trust.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By clearly displaying opening hours on the business website, customers can quickly find the information they need without having to call or search elsewhere. This convenience improves the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

An interactive widget, always on brand.

Keep your brand manager happy. Customize the widget to match your brand and ensure it looks good on your website.

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Hawaii Restaurants Customer Case Interview

I really like working with Mobal. If you have any kind of questions, you get an immediate response. "

Hawaii Restaurants

Anastasia Mamadzhanova - Marketing and Sales Manager

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Frequently asked questions

How do I update the business hours on the widget?

Updating business hours on the widget is simple. Log in to your Mobal account, navigate to the business profile section, and select the 'Edit Hours' option. Make the necessary changes and save. The widget will automatically update with the new hours.

Can the widget display special holiday hours or temporary closures?

Yes, the widget can display special hours for holidays and temporary closures. In the business profile settings, you can specify holiday hours or mark certain days as closed. These changes will reflect immediately on the widget.

Is it possible to customize the appearance of the business hours widget to match my website’s design?

Absolutely. The widget offers several customization options, including colors, fonts, and layouts, to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your website's design. You can access these settings through your Mobal dashboard under the widget customization section.

Can customers see real-time updates to business hours on the widget?

Yes, the widget provides real-time updates. Any changes you make to the business hours in your Mobal account are instantly reflected on the widget, ensuring that your customers always see the most current information.