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At Mobal, we are revolutionizing the way local businesses get found online. We recognized the challenges that businesses face in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information across multiple platforms. With this in mind, we developed a comprehensive platform that leverages AI and automation to make local marketing effortless and effective.
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Mobal was established by a team of passionate digital marketing experts dedicated to simplifying and enhancing local business marketing.


Our main office is located in the vibrant city of Helsinki, where we continue to innovate and grow.


Today, we proudly support over 7,000 locations connected to our platform, helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Our mission

Simplifying business profile management

We are building cutting-edge technology and providing expert service to help companies operate their physical locations all over the world.


Mobal Software

Our platform streamlines business profile management across top map platforms for physical locaitons.


Managed Service

Our managed service team ensures businesses maintain accurate and engaging profiles across leading map platforms.

Our guiding principles

Customers at the core
How we work

Our customers are our unifying force, motivating us daily to stay close to them and create better solutions by sharing their experiences, and having all team members answer support tickets weekly.

Genuine transparency
How we work

We aim for transparency by keeping all business data open to employees and providing monthly updates, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged with the company's overall performance and direction.

Feedback collection
How we work

We obsessively gather customer feedback to craft valuable solutions, ensuring we understand their challenges and share insights across our team. Centralizing feedback paves the way for impactful product enhancements that benefit all users, avoiding solutions tailored to a single customer.

We aim to multiply each other
How we work

We believe that a company's growth reflects individual growth. For the company to triple its revenue, every individual must improve at the same pace.To achieve this, we aim to be kind and direct in feedback, always assuming positive intent, and supporting each other's growth.

Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to enhance their digital presence, drive customer engagement, and achieve sustainable growth through innovative local marketing solutions.

All your business profiles managed from one place, effortlessly.

The Mobal way

We are shaping the future of local marketing and the way businesses manage their online presence

Shaping the future

We are shaping the future of local marketing and the way local businesses get found online.

We make an impact

We take ownership of and focus on the work we know will have the biggest impact on helping local businesses grow.

Our customers at heart

Our customers are at heart of everything we do. We listen to our customers and build our product according to their needs.

Teamwork at the core of success

We believe strong team work creates the biggest success.

Reshaping the insdustry

Managing your online presence used to be a hassle and a headache. Not any more. One platform for all your online profiles.

Leading technology

Powered by AI and automation, Mobal is leading the way in the industry of local marketing software.

Our customers come first, always.

We’re a team of curious and courageous professionals dedicated to helping your business stand out online.

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Trusted by entrepreneurs all over the world

One home for all your business profiles

Take your business to the top and centre online. Grow your business by taking control of your online profiles.

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