Add your Gym to Google and Apple Maps

Ensure people find your gym or fitness center by adding them to both Google and Apple Maps.

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Take control of the business profiles of your gym

Drive more memberships and boost visibility with Mobal. Ensure your gym stands out online, attracting customers effortlessly.

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Show what makes your gym unique

Share exciting offers and upcoming events with your audience. Engage your members and attract new ones with exclusive promotions and exciting happenings at your gym.

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Ensure your gym shows up on all online directories

Mobal's experts will assist you in setting up your account, connecting your business profiles on Google and Apple Maps, and up to 20+ other online directories, ensuring you get the most out of Mobal.

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Gain full control of your gym's online presence with Mobal. Sign up for free in just a minute.

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Connect your business profiles

Simply connect all your online business profiles to Mobal and pick up where you left off.  Simple and straightforward.

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Market your gym or fitness center more effectively

Boost your gym's visibility and attract more members with our powerful local marketing platform. Reach your target audience effectively and drive growth for your business with local campaigns and engaging content.

Streamlined profile management

With Mobal, managing your gym's presence on both Google and Apple Maps is a breeze. Our intuitive platform streamlines the process, making it simple to add, update, and monitor your gym's information with ease.

Reach new customers online

Integrating your gym with Google and Apple Maps will significantly boost its visibility to potential customers. This increased exposure translates to more foot traffic and higher engagement rates for your gym, driving growth and success.

Save time with automations

Expand your gym's reach to a broader audience by managing their Google and Apple Maps profiles. With Mobal, your gym will be easily discoverable by fitness enthusiasts wherever they are, helping you attract more customers and grow your business.

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"I've been pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly and efficiently everything has been managed, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business without concern for my profile"

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Nina Kalina - Owner of Firt Skatta

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