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Bulk posting updates for your business listing in Google Business vs. Mobal platform

Managing your Google Business profile in bulk comes in handy when you have multiple business locations and limited time. Instead of going through every business profile and editing them individually, you can use different methods and tools to update your business information in bulk.

To ensure that your business information is accurate and that only you, the business owner or authorized representative, can manage it, you should first ensure that your business profiles are verified and in the same location group. Once verified, you are eligible to be shown in search, maps, and other Google properties. Why do you need to be seen in these places, you may ask? We have compiled all the reasons why your Google Business profiles are the new face of your business and why you should be optimizing them in this article here.

Bulk posting with Google Business

Through Google, you can update your business listings in bulk by downloading their ready-made spreadsheet, which you then fill in and import into Google Business Manager. In the spreadsheet, you can add business categories, sub-categories, website links, and change opening hours, among many other things. The bulk update allows you to easily update general information about your business without the hassle of doing it individually in every business profile. Your profile attributes can also be updated in bulk and require you to fill out another spreadsheet. 

Note: As of yet, you can't update hotel attributes through the spreadsheet upload. To update hotel attributes, use the API and dashboard.

A good thing to mention when bulk posting updates for your profiles is that you need a shop code for your business to be able to bulk edit via the spreadsheet upload. The shop code can be whatever you choose, for example, mybusiness01, 02, and so on. You can add the shop code in your Google business manager by going to your info section and finding the “Advanced information” field. The shop code works as an identifier for your business profiles and is needed for the spreadsheet.

Bulk posting with Mobal

Mobal’s platform is an all-in-one tool designed to simplify location marketing for you. Mobal is an excellent tool for bulking updates in your Google Business profiles. You can add and edit opening hours and special hours with just a few clicks. Mobal’s platform also allows you to upload pictures, and videos, and post about news, offers, and events in your profile, all in bulk and all from one place.

Simple bulk posting with

As long as you have your business listings in the same location group, you can easily select which ones you are planning to edit or upload. Once selected, you will be able to choose between changing or adding opening- or special hours, uploading images, videos, or posts. Mobal also has a scheduling tool, which helps you organize your posting schedule and allows you to do all the work in one sitting if needed, perfect for planning posts before vacations or days off.

Rather than spending your time individually updating and posting in your Google business profiles, bulk updating is an efficient way to keep your marketing channels up-to-date and active without occupying major slots out of your day. With all your business listings being active and updated, you will ensure a clean and unified online storefront that invites in and informs your customers about your business's current updates.

Are you interested in bulk posting through our platform? Check out the product page and get your multi-location local marketing in top-notch shape with Mobal. 


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