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October 29, 2021

Revolutionizing Discoverability and Engagement on Google: ICA Nära Sergels Torg

October 29, 2021
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The success story of ICA Nära Sergels Torg and Mobal showcases the transformative power of managing a Google Business profile effectively.
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  • ICA Nära Sergels Torg, a local grocery store in Stockholm, achieves remarkable success in driving foot traffic and captivating customers.
  • Partnership with Mobal has transformed their Google Business profile, boosting discoverability and brand awareness.

"The numbers say it all; the results of active management are great! I had no idea so many people see our profile daily, which makes it so important that content is relevant and up-to-date." - Per Uhrström, Store Manager

With Mobal, Ica Sergels Torg boosts discoverability and drives foot traffic to their store - with a 75% increase in actions taken in their Google Business porfiles.

In the bustling heart of Stockholm, lies ICA Nära Sergels Torg, a local grocery store that has achieved unprecedented success in driving foot traffic and captivating the attention of customers, thanks to the  partnership with Mobal. The numbers speak volumes, showcasing the  results of their active management.

The challenge

  • ICA Nära Sergels Torg faced difficulties claiming and verifying their Google profile, resulting in outdated information and unappealing visuals.
  • Customers' first impressions were negatively impacted by inaccurate profile details.
  • Goal: Improve profile visibility, create a reliable review platform, and attract local customers through Google My Business.

As a trusted provider of everything from fresh produce to ready-made meals and local delicacies, ICA Nära Sergels Torg strives to offer a quick and affordable shopping experience, catering to the diverse needs of its customers each day. However, they faced a significant hurdle that hindered their growth: the challenge to claim and verify their profile on Google. Consequently, they found themselves unable to update their information or remove misleading images that misaligned with their store's true essence. This glaring issue detrimentally impacted customers' initial impressions of their business.

ICA Nära Sergels Torg wanted to put their store on the map and better catch the eye of local customers rushing past. By taking care of their Google Business profile, they were also looking to improve their brand awareness and create a reliable review platform to generate a customer base through Google Business. 

"Given to the way people search for information today, it is crucial to be present on Google Search & Maps and have an active profile there. I had no idea so many people see our profile every week..." - Per Uhrström, Store Manager

The solution 

  • Mobal takes charge of managing ICA Nära Sergels Torg's Google Business profile.
  • Profile is updated with accurate information, captivating visuals, and engaging content.
  • Per, the store owner, regains complete control of the profile.
  • Active engagement with reviews, enticing visuals, recipes, offers, and product range showcases the store's unique offerings.

Mobal transformed their Google Business profile into a captivating digital storefront. Crucially, Per regained complete control of their profile, enabling seamless updates and modifications. By actively engaging with reviews, uploading enticing visuals, posting tantalizing recipes and offers, and bolstering their product range, Mobal ensured that ICA Nära Sergels Torg emerged as an unrivaled presence on Google Search and Maps, captivating the attention of their local customers.

Through a stunning array of mouth-watering food images and glowing customer reviews, any visitor to the store's profile could effortlessly grasp the essence of ICA Nära Sergels Torg with just a few clicks. In addition, their strategic partnership with Mobal allowed them to showcase their weekly store offerings on Google, ensuring that no customer missed out on their exceptional deals.

"We now have relevant and up-to-date pictures in our profile. Pictures that we can stand behind and that reflect our brand." - Per Uhström, Store Manager

The results 

  • Stunning visuals and positive reviews on the profile capture the essence of ICA Nära Sergels Torg.
  • Collaboration with Mobal ensures weekly store offerings are highlighted on Google.
  • Profile undergoes a remarkable visual makeover, leading to increased customer engagement.
  • Results: 75% increase in profile actions, 66% more views, and 77.6% more searches.

"It's a huge difference in what the profile looks like today, compared to when we started. The collaboration with Mobal has been very smooth and seamless." - Per Uhström, Store Manager

The numbers say it all, a remarkable 66% surge in profile views year over year, a staggering 75.5% spike in customer actions, and an impressive 77.6% surge in searches. Mobal diligently maintained the store's critical offline-to-online information, including accurate opening hours, contact details, and enticing offers. In today's grocery landscape, the integration of physical stores with online channels is paramount. As the grocery buying experience evolves with the rise of omnichannel consumption.

  • 66% more profile views (year over year) 
  • 75.5% more profile actions
  •  77.6% more visibility in local searches 

Maintaining Online-to-Offline Integration:

  • Mobal accurately maintains critical information such as opening hours, contact details, and offers.
  • Integration of physical store with online channels is crucial in the changing grocery buying landscape.
  • A reliable local page establishes effective communication between customers and the store.

To summarize

The partnership between ICA Nära Sergels Torg and Mobal has proven to be a game-changer, revolutionizing the store's online presence and driving remarkable results. By addressing the challenges of an outdated and unappealing Google Business profile, ICA Nära Sergels Torg has successfully enhanced their discoverability and brand awareness.

Through Mobal's expert management, the store's profile underwent a stunning transformation, capturing the attention of customers with enticing visuals, positive reviews, and engaging content. The collaboration has not only resulted in a significant increase in profile actions, views, and searches but also fostered a stronger connection with local customers.

Maintaining accurate information and seamless integration between the physical store and online channels, Mobal has ensured a consistent and enticing shopping experience for customers. The local page on Google has become an invaluable source of communication, solidifying the store's reputation and fostering customer loyalty.

ICA Nära Sergels Torg's success story serves as a powerful testament to the importance of a robust and active Google Business profile in the modern retail landscape. By leveraging the potential of digital platforms and strategic partnerships, businesses can elevate their visibility, drive foot traffic, and create meaningful connections with their target audience.

With Mobal as their trusted ally, ICA Nära Sergels Torg continues to thrive, offering a quick and affordable shopping experience that resonates with their customers. As the dynamic retail industry continues to evolve, their story stands as an inspiration for businesses seeking to maximize their online presence and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers both online and offline.

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