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October 29, 2021

ICA Nära Sergelstorg achieves greater searches, actions & views with Mobal.

ICA Nära Sergels Torg achieves greater searches, actions & views with Mobal.

"The numbers say it all; the results of active management are great! I had no idea so many people see our profile daily, which makes it so important that content is relevant and up-to-date."

With Mobal, Ica Sergels Torg boosts discoverability and drives foot traffic to their store - with a 75% increase in listing clicks throughout 4-months. 

ICA Nära Sergels Torg is a local grocery store in the heart of the vibrating city of Stockholm. ICA Nära welcomes its customers to shop quickly and affordably - every day. From fresh fruits and veggies to ready-made meals and local produce, they've got you covered. 

The problem 

As for many other businesses, ICA Nära Sergels Torg had problems claiming and verifying their profile on Google. As a result, they could not update their profile with accurate information or remove pictures not representing their store. The incorrect information and unappealing look severely affected customers' first impressions of their profiles. 

ICA Nära Sergels Torg wanted to put their store on the map and better catch the eye of local customers rushing past. By taking care of their profile, they were also looking to improve their brand awareness and create a reliable review platform to generate a customer base through Google My Business. 

"Due to the way people search for information today, it is crucial to be present on Google Search & Maps and have an active profile there. I had no idea so many people see our profile every week..." - Per (ICA Nära Sergels Torg) 

The solution 

Today, Mobal manages ICA Nära Sergels Torg's Google My Business profile to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate. So not only does the profile now look great, but Per also has gotten access to it and has complete control of it. In addition, by answering reviews, uploading pictures, posts, and offers, and building up their product segment, Mobal has made sure that they now stand out on Search and Maps and reach local customers.  

With mouth-watering pictures of various foods and recipes and positive customer reviews, a browser could see what ICA Nära Sergels Torg is all about with just a few clicks. In addition, by partnering up with Mobal, ICA Nära Sergels Torg is now showcasing its weekly store offerings on Google, making sure nobody misses their great deals! 

"We now have relevant and up-to-date pictures in our profile. Pictures that we can stand behind and that reflect our brand."

Results - increasing discoverability & driving engagement. 

"It's a huge difference in what the profile looks like today, compared to when we started. The collaboration with Mobal has been very smooth and seamless." 

Through active management of the profile, ICA Nära Sergels Torg was able to see direct, positive results in a short period. Not only has the profile gotten an actual shape up to its visual look. They've also seen rapid growth in the number of people calling, taking direction requests, and visiting their website. Their profile has received 75% more actions compared to last year. 

66% more views (year over year) 
75.5% more actions 
77.6% more searches 

Mobal is maintaining the store's critical online to offline information, like opening hours, contact information, and offers, accurately. The integration of the physical store with online channels is essential for grocery stores today. Grocery buying is changing due to the emergence of omnichannel retailing. With more customers than ever now engaging through mobile devices, store owners must ensure that all digital channels are integrated and offer consistent information. Having a local page as a source of communication between the customer and the store is invaluable.