January 24, 2024

How Helsinki Outlet Builds Its Google Profile for Authenticity and Embraces Customer Feedback for Excellence

Summary of case study
Before partnering with Mobal, Helsinki Outlet faced the challenge of managing its Google Business profile actively, struggling to ensure accurate and timely updates for customers seeking information about the shopping village.
With Mobal's assistance, Helsinki Outlet found a reliable solution that not only streamlined the process of maintaining an updated Google profile but also added a layer of efficiency and responsiveness, providing customers with a seamless and reliable experience.
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Helsinki Outlet, renowned for its diverse range of over 40 premium brand stores offering discounts, has been a mainstay in the retail landscape since its establishment.
January 24, 2024
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Helsinki Outlet, renowned for its diverse range of over 40 premium brand stores offering discounts, has been a mainstay in the retail landscape since its establishment.
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Dive into the success story of a unique shopping village, featuring over 40 premium brand stores with a curated mix of Finnish, Nordic, and international labels. Explore how Mobal is helping Helsinki Outlet take full control of their business profile and ensure a seamless customer experience from discovery to visiting the shopping village.


Helsinki Outlet, renowned for its diverse range of over 40 premium brand stores offering discounts, has been a mainstay in the retail landscape since its establishment. Nicole Flink, Senior Marketing Specialist at Helsinki Outlet, has been pivotal in steering the brand's communication strategies and customer engagement efforts.

Nicole's responsibilities encompass internal and external communication, loyalty program oversight, campaign planning, event management, and influencer collaborations. With a strategic mindset and creative flair, she plays a vital role in crafting the narrative that elevates the Helsinki Outlet brand.

The Crucial Role of Google Business Profiles in Shaping Customer Perceptions

Customer perceptions often form before their physical visit, making the Google Business profile a critical touchpoint. Ensuring this online representation aligns seamlessly with the reality of the shopping village is crucial for presenting an accurate and compelling brand identity.

Customer relations are paramount, and the team at Helsinki Outlet always strives to understand customers' sentiments. Customer feedback through the reviews on Google is a crucial tool for improvement. Actively seeking and listening to what their customers say about their experiences at Helsinki Outlet allows the team to enhance their services and offerings continually.

“Regularly reading reviews highlighting similar themes helps us identify areas for improvement, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our customers' insights matter, and we are committed to creating an experience that resonates positively.”

- Nicole Flink, Senior Marketing Specialist

Before Mobal

In its initial stages, Helsinki Outlet managed its business profiles internally. However, recognizing the growing importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date information online, the need for a professional solution became apparent.

Nicole underscores the brand's commitment to prioritizing customer experience, highlighting the support provided by Mobal in managing critical business information, such as opening hours and reviews in the Google profile. Ensuring that information is consistently updated and customer feedback is taken seriously reflects the dedication to delivering customers a seamless and reliable experience.

Choosing Mobal

“We prioritize customer experience, and it's great that a loyal partner like Mobal helps us with the customer service aspect of our Google profile”

- Nicole Flink, Senior Marketing Specialist.

Helsinki Outlet decided to collaborate with Mobal to improve its business profile on Google and ensure it’s always up-to-date. This decision was driven by Mobal's comprehensive service offerings and language proficiency, both deemed essential in maintaining a consistent and positive customer experience.


The collaboration with Mobal has resulted in tangible improvements in maintaining the accuracy of business profiles. The focus has been ensuring crucial information, such as opening hours and directions is presented reliably and posting updates about offers and events, contributing to a more aligned brand representation.

Results from the past 6 months (compared to the previous 6 months):

  • Profile interactions (Number of clicks in Helsinki Outlets business profiles): 76,299
  • Profile CTR: 16.81% (+14.2% increase in CTR)

Maintaining an up-to-date and informative online presence is paramount in the dynamic retail landscape. Reflecting on Helsinki Outlets' experience, Nicole shares insights on the impact of Mobal on our business profiles.

"I recommend Mobal to all businesses that don't have the resources to manage their Google profiles in-house. It provides a positive company image when all information that interests customers is easily accessible."

A seamless customer experience

The collaboration between Helsinki Outlet and Mobal underscores the critical role of professional profile management in shaping customer perceptions. In an era where online information significantly influences purchasing decisions, the collaboration with Mobal has proven instrumental in enhancing the online presence and, consequently, the overall customer experience at Helsinki Outlet.

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