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Increase discovery and sales across Apple devices and apps

Over one billion people worldwide use Apple devices. Take control of how your business is seen across Apple devices and built-in apps.

Manage Apple Business Connect from Mobal

Connect and manage all your profiles on Apple from Mobal.  Build and claim your place card and keep it up to date by adding photos, header images, logos, hours, and more.

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Reach Apple users around the world

Over one billion people use Apple devices today. Add your latest offers, opening hours, current events, and pictures of your business, team, and products.

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Stay relevant and up to date

Add all essential business information, your logo, cover image, and show your customers who you are by adding attributes to the profile.  

Connect with your customers 

Share photos in your Apple Place Card to showcase what makes your business unique.

On-demand reports

Get a detailed overview of the actual interactions in your Apple profiles and find out what actions your customers have taken in your profile.

Why Apple Maps? 

Get discovered online

Apple has over a billion global users today and is the second most used navigation tool. Take control of the information that is share on Apple devices and built-in apps.

Share limited-time offers and announcements

Attract more customers by sharing Showcases. Add timely offers, promotions, and seasonal products to reach your local audience.


Apple Maps Place Card

Manage all your Apple Place Card directly from Mobal. Keep all profiles in sync via one platform.


Update via our direct API

Make bulk updates in real time to keep your profiles accurate.


Compelling content

Create good looking profiles. Add Showcases, images, your logo and other visual content to stand out online.

Mister French Group is Improving their Online Presence and Customer Satisfaction with Mobal

Find out how Mister French Group, a popular restaurant chain in Sweden, used Mobal to improve their online presence and customer satisfaction. With Mobal, they turned negative reviews into positive ones and took control of their online content. Read on to find out more about their story.

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Hawaii Restaurants uses Mobal to Save Time while Reaching More Customers on Google 

With Mobal, Hawaii Restaurants now have a platform where all information is kept and updated from one place. With ready-made review templates and bulk features, they can update their information correctly in minutes.

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Fizza's Automated Pizza Machines Heat Up Google with 10x More Customer Engagement

With 11 locations in Finland and four abroad with more to open up soon, Fizza provides artisanal pizzas, available 24/7 and ready to eat in just 3 minutes. With so many business profiles to manage, Fizza needed a tool that could help her streamline the process and get more control over Fizza's online presence.

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Large retail chain Veikon Kone Saves Time and Boosts SEO with Mobal

Find out how Veikon Kone, a large retail chain, uses their Google Business profiles to win more customers and strengthen their online reputation. Since starting the collaboration with Mobal, they have used Mobal almost daily.

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Mobal Helps Veterinary Company Increase Online Visibility and Attract More Clients

This case study explores how Mobal helped the veterinary company increase their online visibility, attract more clients, and grow their business.

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Multi-location Car Dealership Increase Revenue and Improve Online Presence with Mobal

A multi-location car dealership in the UK was struggling with a weak online presence, leading to missed sales and a negative brand impression. With Mobal, the dealership saw a +333% increase in views on its Google business profiles and a 117% increase in actions taken, mainly direction requests, resulting in more dealership visitors.

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UFF Increased Their Reach on Google by 154% with Mobal

Find out how UFF manages their business profiles to win more customers, improve customer experience and keep a their brand consistent online. By managing their business profiles actively, the actions (direction requests, website visits and calls) in the profiles went up by 139%.

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Mobal's Software Transforms Cafe Chain's Online Presence and Revenue Streams

The cafe chain utilize Mobal's software to manage their business profiles on Google. With multiple locations across multiple cities, they wanted to ensure that their business profiles were consistently updated with accurate information to improve their online reputation.

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Automating Google Business Profile Management: How Mobal Helped a Digital Agency Save 15 Hours a Week

A digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO used Mobal, an AI-powered platform for business profile management, to automate many of the manual tasks involved in managing Google Business profiles.

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How Effective Google Business Management Propel a 10-Location Restaurant Chain in Sweden to Success

In just six months, a 10-location restaurant chain in Sweden achieved remarkable success by partnering with Mobal to manage their Google Business listings.

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Unlock the Secrets to Byggmax's Success: How Byggmax Streamlined their Business Listings Management and Reach Millions of People on Google

Byggmax partnered with Mobal to take control of their business listings and turn their inactive business listings into active marketing channels.

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1.5 Million Views Per Month: How Managing Your Business Listings Can Boost Your Restaurant's Revenue

Are you still wondering why managing your business listings really matters? We've analyzed our customers' website and business listings analytics to find out exactly how significant the impact of business listings is. The results speak for themselves.

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How JBIL maximizes local visibility online for all their locations

Magnus Ejdne - Marketing & Commercial Manager at J BIL - uses Mobal to ensure that J BILs business profiles are always up to date. Read the full interview.

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TEMPUR: Mission achieved - Letting people discover better sleep with better discovery on Google Business

Tempur is letting people discover better sleep with better discovery on Google Business.

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Ravintola Sunn boosts its local marketing with Google Business

Restaurant Sunn's profile's complex data and tangible results speak for themselves. The overall views from the profile increased 52%.

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Revolutionizing Discoverability and Engagement on Google: ICA Nära Sergels Torg

The success story of ICA Nära Sergels Torg and Mobal showcases the transformative power of managing a Google My Business profile effectively. Initially facing challenges with outdated information and unappealing visuals, ICA Nära Sergels Torg partnered with Mobal to revamp their profile. The collaboration resulted in increased discoverability, engagement, and foot traffic for the store.

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Putting the Town of Mariehamn on the digital map

By cleaning up and ensuring that all information across Google Maps & Search is correct and up to date, the Town of Mariehamn provides locals and visitors with easily accessible information.

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30% more Google Business views: Auto Nordic expand their reach and reputation with Mobal

Google Business: Car Dealerships' best marketing channel. Find out how Auto Nordic uses Mobal to reach more customers online.

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