December 20, 2023

Wrapping up 2023 - A Year of Empowering Local Businesses

February 15, 2024
Another year has come to an end. Among many things, 2023 was a significant year for local marketing, with Apple launching Business Connect and AI entering the game. Dive into how Mobal is revolutionzing the way local businesses get found online and check out the main updates, improvements and new integrations from the past year.
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Another year has come to an end. Among many things, 2023 was a significant year for local marketing, with Apple launching Business Connect and AI entering the game. Dive into how Mobal is revolutionzing the way local businesses get found online and check out the main updates, improvements and new integrations from the past year.

Local marketing taking the main stage

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's evident that the landscape of local marketing has undergone a seismic shift. With Apple's groundbreaking launch of Business Connect and the infusion of artificial intelligence into the marketing realm, the stage was set for innovation.

Mobal is transforming the way local businesses manage their online presence. Take a closer look at the remarkable updates, improvements, and new integrations that Mobal rolled out in 2023.

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AI Revolution: Redefining Business Profile Management

Artificial intelligence took center stage in 2023, and Mobal embraced this technological wave. Introducing AI review replies and AI post creation, Mobal made profile management not just easier, but 10 times faster. Businesses can now automate responses and create engaging posts effortlessly, leveraging the power of AI to enhance their online presence.

Use Case: Emily, a small business owner, now effortlessly manages customer reviews and creates engaging social media posts with Mobal's AI review replies and post creation, freeing up valuable time for other business tasks.

Review management platform with analytics

Easy User Management: Delegation at Your Fingertips

User management received a significant upgrade on Mobal, providing businesses with enhanced control over access and permissions. Delegating tasks is now a breeze, allowing teams to collaborate seamlessly while maintaining a structured and secure environment. Easy user management ensures that everyone plays their part in driving business success.

Use Case: An agency's marketing team streamlines collaboration by delegating tasks seamlessly with Mobal's upgraded user management, ensuring each team member has the right access for efficient client profile management.

Business info section on Mobals dashboard

Profile Notifications: Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

Never miss a beat with Mobal's profile notifications. Businesses can now stay informed about important updates and activities related to their profiles. From new reviews to campaign performance, these notifications keep users in the loop, ensuring that they are always aware and ready to respond to the evolving needs of their audience.

Use Case: Jake, a restaurant owner, stays ahead of customer feedback and industry trends with Mobal's real-time profile notifications, allowing him to address reviews promptly and maintain a competitive edge.

New and Improved Bulk Features: Efficient Profile Updates

Mobal introduces a game-changing enhancement with new and improved bulk features. Update and manage business profiles faster than ever before—whether it's special opening hours, regular opening hours, media, posts, campaigns, or events. Efficiency meets effectiveness, empowering businesses to maintain accurate and up-to-date information across multiple profiles effortlessly.

Use Case: Sarah, a marketing manager overseeing multiple locations, saves time with Mobal's bulk features, updating opening hours and event information across all profiles simultaneously for consistent and efficient online presence.

Ipad with Business profile analytics

Actionable Profile Analytics: Unleashing the Power of Data

Understanding the performance of digital storefronts is paramount, and Mobal's improved actionable profile analytics deliver just that. Businesses can track performance and trends from a centralized dashboard, gaining valuable insights to maximize the potential of their online presence. Informed decisions become the driving force behind strategic marketing initiatives.

Use Case: Alex, a retail store owner, optimizes his marketing strategy with Mobal's centralized dashboard, tracking customer engagement and campaign effectiveness to make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Business Profile Verification: Simplified and Centralized

Verifying business profiles is now a seamless process with Mobal. Users can verify their profiles directly within the platform, maintaining an easy overview of verification statuses. This streamlines the verification process, ensuring that businesses can establish trust and credibility across online platforms effortlessly.

Use Case: Jessica, a newly opened retail store owner , establishes credibility effortlessly by verifying her business profiles directly within Mobal, building trust with potential customers across various online platforms.

20+ New Connections: Expand Your Online Reach

Mobal's commitment to comprehensive online presence continues with the addition of over 20 new connections. Businesses can now update their information across major search engines and map directories online, reaching a broader audience and enhancing their visibility in the digital landscape.

Use Case: Mike, a local service provider, broadens his audience and attracts new customers by updating business information across major search engines and directories with Mobal's 20+ new connections.

Elevating User Experience Through Innovation

In 2023, Mobal has not only kept pace with the dynamic evolution of local marketing but has actively shaped its trajectory. The addition of AI, streamlined user management, and the introduction of powerful features reflect Mobal's dedication to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital era.

As we embark on a new year, Mobal remains a beacon of intelligent innovation, empowering local businesses to achieve new heights of success in the world of local marketing.

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