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What is an Instagram Local Page?

What is an Instagram Local Page?

This article explains what an Instagram Local Page is and how to ensure your business appears on the newly updated Instagram Map. During the summer, Instagram rolled out the new searchable map to make it easier for users to discover locations.

What exactly is a local page on Instagram?

A local page on Instagram is similar to a Google Business Profile. When a person searches for a keyword on Instagram related to a local business, a box will appear in the search results on Instagram with all the relevant information about the company itself. The Instagram profile includes opening hours, business address, contact information, a link to the website, and a link to the business's Instagram profile.

Instagram Local Page

The Instagram Local Page is similar to a Google Business Profile. This one includes the address, opening hours, and link to the website.

Instagram Profile

The Instagram profile is the official profile of your business. Here you can post pictures, stories, and reels and stay engaged with your community.

Map on Instagram

Local Pages on Instagram are displayed on a Map and when searching for keywords in a list format. Instagram Maps lets you discover businesses in your area by watching stories, finding new profiles to follow, making travel plans, and much more.

Places on Instagram explained

You'll find Places in the top right corner when tapping the search icon on the menu bar. From here, you can filter and search for local businesses in your area. Once you open the Map you can zoom in and out while exploring places near and far. When tapping search this area, the menu will update and show you the most popular places. Tap either the spot on the Map or select the location from the list below the Map.

How to optimize your profile for the Instagram Map

Getting your business visible on Instagram Places is super simple. You only need to create a Business Profile and connect your Facebook account to the Instagram profile.

  1. Set up an Instagram business account = Create a business account on Instagram. Tap Settings, then Account, and lastly, Switch to Professional account.
  2. Repost local content = Repost content from your visitors and customers. This will make them feel appreciated and part of your community.
  3. Use geotags = Make sure to tag your posts or reels with a geotag. The geotag is crucial for showing up on Instagram Places.
  4. Post images, Stories, and Reels = People want new content all the time and stay relevant by posting several times a week. We recommend 2-3 times per week.  

Tips and tricks

Try to have the same name on your Instagram profile as on your Google Business Profile and website. Having the same name across all platforms makes it easier for users and search engines to find your business.

The same applies to your business information. The information you add to your Instagram Profile should always match your data on Google Business and your website. The more consistent you are, the better. Lastly, make sure to add a compelling bio text to your Instagram Profile.

We've gathered our best tips for promoting your local business on Instagram. Learn more about how to promote your local business on Instagram here.

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