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Verify your business on Google with video verification

Verifying your Google Business Profile with video recording

Google pushes video verification over other methods (postcards, phone calls, or email. Video verification has now become the only way to verify the business in some profiles. Video verification has previously been set as a default option but not as the only option. 

Google has updated its help center to now include video recording as one of the verification methods for businesses. The verification methods currently are: 

  • Postcard
  • Email 
  • Phone call or text
  • Live video call
  • Video recording 

It can be easy to confuse the two options, video recording, and live video call. However, these are two different methods. 

How to verify your business with video recording

The video recording verification method is now offered as a primary method to verify your business on Google. To be accepted, the recording must meet specific requirements and therefore requires some planning. 

  • The video needs to be one continuous video and cannot be edited. 
  • The video recording needs to start from outside your business location and show details such as street signs, business logo and address. 
  • When walking into the business, you need to showcase some signage that is related to the location in question. This can be marketing material, branded equipment, or other tools. 
  • Show the workplace environment as clearly as possible. This is a way of proving that you work at the place and are authorized to represent the business. Therefore you need to capture that you have access to employee-only areas (like the kitchen in a restaurant or a storage room). 

Steps to get verified on Google 

Visit your Google Business profile on your mobile device (if you start the verification on your desktop computer, scan a QR code to continue on your mobile device). 

  • Click Get verified and Capture Video 
  • Click Start recording and follow the steps to record your video 
  • Click Stop recording and then upload video. 

After you upload the video, Google will review it. The review process can take up to five business days. You'll get a notification and access to manage your Google Business Profile when verified. 

Your Google Business Profile is one of your most important marketing channels when reaching out to local customers. Do you need help with verifying your business? Contact us to talk to our experts or create a free account and get started today.

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