August 5, 2022

Google Business Profile: Guide To List Your Business On Google

March 6, 2024
Robin Mäenpää
Being easily found when potential customers search for your business or services in your local area is crucial. One effective way to achieve this is by listing your business on Google.
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Being easily found when potential customers search for your business or services in your local area is crucial. One effective way to achieve this is by listing your business on Google.

Why Does Your Google Business Profile Matter? 

Having a Google Business listing increases your chances of connecting with potential customers. It allows for more interactions, letting you showcase your offerings and gather feedback from customers. This active engagement helps enhance your business's presence and visibility online.

Moreover, actively managing your business profile ensures that your customers receive up-to-date information, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

List your business on Google Search and Maps

To add your business profile to Google, you have several options:

  1. Open Google Maps, click the menu in the upper left corner, and select "Add your business."
  2. Right-click on the map where you want to add your business and choose "Add your business."
  3. If you're familiar with Google Business Manager, you can add your business through the admin panel by creating a location group and clicking "Add business."

How to verify your Google Business Profile

After creating your business profile, you'll need to verify it to ensure only authorized individuals can manage it. Google offers various verification methods, including phone call, text message, email, postcard, video recording, or live video call.

Benefits of a Verified Business Profile

With a verified and well-managed business profile, you can leverage features like location extensions in Google Ads campaigns to increase visibility. Combining organic and paid strategies helps maximize engagement with potential customers.

Your local business will benefit from having a business profile. Some businesses, however, do not benefit from having a business profile, thus making them not eligible for having business profiles. These profiles are:

  • Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
  • An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don't own or have the authority to represent.
  • Lead generation agents or companies.

Rank higher on Google

Get your business visible on Google by claiming an existing listing or by creating a new one. Verify it and include it in your omnichannel marketing strategies. Google Business Profiles are a great free tool for your business to use for more organic visibility. If you want to boost your visibility even further, combine organic SEO visibility with paid ad campaigns. Once your campaign is completed, all your information will still be available and visible in the profile for future searchers to explore.


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How long does it take to verify a Google Business Profile?

Verification times vary depending on the method chosen, but it typically takes a few days to receive the verification code via mail or email.

Can I edit my business information after verification?

Yes, you can update your business information at any time by logging into your Google Business account.

Is it necessary to have a physical location to create a Google Business Profile?

While having a physical location is preferred, certain businesses like virtual kitchens or virtual food brands can now create business profiles.

Do I need a website to list my business on Google?

No, a website is not required to create a Google Business Profile. However, having a website can complement your online presence.

Can I manage multiple locations under one Google Business account?

Yes, Google Business allows you to manage multiple locations through one account, making it convenient for businesses with multiple branches or franchises.

What should I do if my business is listed incorrectly on Google Maps?

If your business information is incorrect on Google Maps, you can suggest edits or claim ownership to update the details.

Are there any fees associated with creating a Google Business Profile?

No, creating and managing a Google Business Profile is free of charge.

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