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November 4, 2021

Boom 🎉 Our next chapter starts now!

November 4, 2021
Siri Enckell
Today we are happy and excited to announce our €2 million seed funding round with Lifeline ventures.
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It all started with the wrong information. 

We are excited to announce our funding round of €2 million with our community. 

Today we are happy and excited to announce our €2 million seed funding round with Lifeline ventures. With this backing, we can now set our sights on growing our team and continuing our international expansion. We are now one step closer to helping more businesses enhance their local presence, get discovered, and ultimately get more customers by shortening the distance between offline and online.

Mobal was founded because we had significant issues finding the correct information about businesses online. We were displeased by how the case affected us as consumers; it was simply a very unpleasant customer journey. Hence, we wanted to build something that could help business owners and marketers to make sure their business information was up to date along the whole customer journey and help them utilize the free advertising space no one was aware of. The idea of assisting businesses to take charge of their Google My Business listings grew solid within us. 

Even if a few businesses already are working with location marketing and helping businesses with their online listings, we felt that the customer experience was lacking. We want to be a strategic partner, helping our customers grow and reach success, not just service providers. 

This is why Mobal exists. We want to shorten the distance between online and offline and change the way businesses do location marketing. In short, we want to make the world more discoverable by making location marketing as easy and seamless as possible for every business owner and marketer out there. 

For the last months, we have been focused on developing our service and building our platform with our community of users and location marketing experts. We've grown our team to 15+ Mobalers and have made significant progress but are nowhere near being done. With the new funding, we will focus on growing our team, further developing our Platform, and helping more businesses get discovered online. We'll keep operating the way we've been so far, with our values at the core of every decision we make. The primary mission is to make our service and software solution accessible to businesses across the globe. 

Exciting year coming up

We can safely say that our team has big plans. Our roadmap for 2022 is filled with new, existing things. We are constantly developing our Platform with our brilliant team, improving our service, and building scalable solutions for our businesses. 

We are currently looking for new talent to join our tribe when talking about our team. So, if you are passionate about location marketing, enjoy the speed of a startup, and like to work with an ambitious team trying to revolutionize how businesses do location marketing, drop us a message at and tell us a little bit more about yourself! 

A big thank you to our advisors, our team, and our community of customers for making this happen.

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