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December 3, 2021

Ravintola Sunn boosts its local marketing with Google Business

December 3, 2021
Interview with
Jenny Jäntti
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More often than any other channel, the initial touchpoint with a potential new customer is Google. If you think about it when you visit a new city and want to find a place to eat, where do you turn? Google, right? This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the importance of a well-optimized Google Business profile. 

Like many other restaurants, Restaurant Sunn in Helsinki did not have an optimized Google Business profile a few months ago. 

The problem

Their Google Business profile lacked opening hours, enticing pictures, or compelling posts with call-to-actions, which are three of the most essential parts of a well-optimized, compelling Google Business profile. What  Sunn’s profile did have, however, was a third-party link to a booking system, although this probably caused confusion to potential customers, likely driving them away.

Imagine if you come across a Google Business profile asking viewers to book a table without knowing the opening hours. Wouldn’t you be a bit skeptical? Or perhaps it might lead you to believe that the restaurant was only open to customers who book a table, ‘by appointment only’ style. 

Restaurant Sunn’s core business includes weekly lunches and weekend brunches, which Mobal aimed to emphasize with a properly optimized and targeted Google Business profile. The other aim was to simplify the customer journey from the initial interest to booking a table with just one click, accelerating the sales funnel and capturing more customers. Google as a platform was the ideal channel to achieve this. Everything from informing new and existing customers about the delicious weekly dishes to simple table reservation service. 

The solution

Since September, Mobal has been Restaurant Sunn’s solution provider. The first step was to ensure that all information was accurate and up-to-date in the profile. To add a visual touch to the profile,  Mobal added enticing, mouth-watering pictures, a logo, and engaging, informative posts. Their profile saw a massive increase in views, clicks, and engagements with these carefully considered tweaks. 

 Through meaningful posts and targeted, effective call-to-actions, we were able to simplify the customer journey from a casual viewer to a table booked. Not to mention, with the posts, pictures, and descriptive information all being targeted, meaningful and aligned, we eliminated any potential customer confusion and dramatically increased the credibility of Restaurant Sunn. 

Results and data from three months

Restaurant Sunn's profile's hard data and tangible results speak for themselves. The overall views from the profile increased 52%. During the first three months, the profile received closer to 400 000 inbound views, reinforcing the importance of properly handling the Google Business profile. 

The profile actions (website clicks, calls, or direction requests) increased by 72%. Not to mention, all the data from the weekly posts, indicate that as individual elements alone,   they were valuable resources that attracted a lot of views and actions. 

But the hard numbers speak for themselves. Before Mobal began collaborating with Restaurant Sunn, their profile recorded zero concrete interactions. In the three months since the collaboration began, almost 120 clicks were made from the posts’ call-to-actions. In order to create the most concrete results and value to Restaurant Sunn, the funnel was streamlined, with most of the call-to-actions taking the viewer straight to their online booking system. Furthermore, Google reports that around 90% of those who click on direction requests actually visit the restaurant, which Restaurant Sunn now has plenty of. 

Finally, it is clear that this increased activity in Restaurant Sunn’s Business Profile has greatly improved their SEO ranking in searches such as “brunch” and “lunch in Helsinki''. It is also plain to see that after collaborating with Mobal, the restaurant has seen a dramatic improvement in its online presence, resulting in more views, clicks, reservations and happy customers! This is just another example of a happy Mobal customer enjoying greater success from their online business profile!

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