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June 7, 2022

TEMPUR: Mission achieved - Letting people discover better sleep with better discovery on Google Business

June 7, 2022
Interview with
Jonas Simberg
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A very concrete goal for a company like TEMPUR, is getting discovered by people searching for e.g. mattresses and pillows online. This is where Mobal came to help. With 80% more views on their Google Business Profiles, and over 70% increase in related searches, the trend has been very positive so far!

Better visibility online

To understand the context better, let us explore TEMPUR as a company first.

TEMPUR is an expert of good sleep, known for scientifically proven mattresses and pillows made out of high quality TEMPUR material, which has the special ability of adapting to body temperature, increasing quality of sleep and overall well being. TEMPUR’s mission is mainly to improve the sleep of their customers through tailored solutions, i.e. to find the best fit for the individual sleeper. Apart from quality products, all Tempur personnel are trained to be sleep ergonomic experts.

Tempur products are sold in over 90 countries. In Finland, TEMPUR has been active for over 20 years, where the Tempur Brand Stores form the biggest sleep-related retail chain in the country. TEMPUR is used wherever good sleep is appreciated, also in e.g. hospitals and elderly homes. They are also the only manufacturer, which has recognition from NASA for material authenticity, quality and endurance.

Why Mobal? 

Mobal and TEMPUR have been working together for almost 18 months. Before the collaboration began, the challenge for TEMPUR was to find the time to effectively manage multiple locations on Google and make sure these profiles actually stand out in search. Mobal’s managed service is meant just for that, and now the long-term work is showing results.     

“Tempur already has 11 stores, which means we need help with updating our Google Business Profiles. Mobal has really gone the extra mile to ensure our Google visibility and presence increases, as well as making sure our aims are achieved.”

“Our main goals have been to gain store specific growth in visibility, but also to get more in-store bookings and increase the attraction of our campaigns. Our latest campaigns are now clearly on show in the Google Business Profile, meaning searches have quick and easy access to relevant offers.”


The updates section in Google Business Profiles make it possible to display relevant campaign offers directly in search results, a free advertising space completely owned by the business. Through TEMPUR’s collaboration with Mobal, these offers received more than 150% more views year-over-year. 

“Also reviews are replied to very efficiently and with high quality.”  

Reviews is regarded as the new online currency, where people discover and choose service providers and products often partly based on both the quality and quantity of customer reviews.  

“Further, the efforts of Mobal have naturally saved us lots of time to be invested in other important tasks, as well as brought a structured and systematic approach to our work with Google and other areas within location marketing. Quite frankly, they’ve taken it to a totally different level, though still being very mindful and respective of our brand.” 

Keeping the brand consistent across all marketing channels is essential. Google business profiles are often overlooked in this regard, but represent your brand just as much and often as a first touchpoint for people discovering businesses online.

We wish even more people will discover and support the mission of TEMPUR. Since we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, shouldn’t this valuable time be everyone's top priority? Mobal supports this notion by helping TEMPUR stand out in online search.

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