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April 5, 2023

Large retail chain Veikon Kone Saves Time and Boosts SEO with Mobal

April 5, 2023
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Veikon Kone, a large retail chain, uses their Google Business profiles to win more customers and show up online.
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Key takeaways 

  1. Regular updates and personalized review responses through Mobal's Business Profile Management Solution have saved Veikon Kone time and improved their online reputation, and helped them reach more customers through improved SEO.
  1. Veikon Kone found it challenging to update their store information on Google Business for all 55 stores. Mobal's Business Profile Management Solution has made it easy for them to manage their business profiles and improve their online presence.

Turning business profiles into a competitive advantage 

Veikon Kone is a retail chain in Finland with 55 stores nationwide. The stores are independent entrepreneurs working under the name of Veikon Kone, but as a chain, they do marketing for all stores. 

Henri Könönen, webmaster at Veikon Kone, is responsible for their business profiles and says that before using Mobal, they managed everything manually through Google Business. But after finding it nearly impossible to handle so many different locations, they needed to change their process and find a better solution. Könönen shares that updating their store info separately through Google Business was a big challenge.They needed an easier way to keep all the profiles updated and improve their SEO so that more customers could find their stores on Google.

Könönen says  "The biggest problem was time. We just didn't have the time to update all the profiles separately." 

Since starting the collaboration with Mobal, they have used Mobal almost daily. They post to their Google Business profiles when their new printed magazine is published and simultaneously make a similar post to all of their Facebook pages. 

"We use Mobal almost daily." - Könönen 

Now, they check reviews a few times weekly, answer them, and update special opening hours and other store information weekly. The business profiles have improved a lot, and as the profiles are now updated regularly, the profiles look more professional, and SEO has improved. 

Saves time and improves efficiency 

The most significant benefit of Mobal is how much time it saves for Veikon Kone. They could update their profiles using multiple platforms (Google Business, Facebook, Instagram etc), but it is not feasible considering the time it takes. Mobal is constantly adding new features, and according to Könönen, the most valuable feature is posting to multiple locations at once and answering reviews.

"By far, the biggest benefit of Mobal is how much time it saves us. We save a lot of time using Mobal instead of doing all the updates separately on different systems. The ease of use is also a huge benefit." - Könönen 

Strong online reputation and relationship with customers 

Before Mobal, Veikon Kone didn't fully utilize Google Business because handling so many different locations was virtually impossible. It would take them a lot of time to do all the updates separately, but using Mobal, it takes only a few minutes to update all locations in one click. They didn't answer reviews before Mobal because they didn't have time. Veikon Kone is strengthening their online reputation and customer relationship by replying to all their reviews. 

Mobal offers personalized premade reply templates in three different languages based on the stars the customer gave and the language they used. This way, Veikon Kone can easily answer multiple reviews in a few minutes.

"I can't emphasize enough the system's ease of use, which surprised us and was even easier than we imagined." - Könönen 

Könönen says that the system's ease of use surprised them, and it was even easier and quicker than they thought. He recommends Mobal to other companies facing the same challenges as Veikon Kone had before using Mobal.

More customer reviews and improved online visibility 

Könönen shares the positive results that Veikon Kone has experienced with Mobal. Their SEO has improved and received more visibility and clicks through their Google Business profiles. Additionally, they have received more reviews and increased their response rate.

"Managing multiple Google Business profiles can be time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Solutions like Mobal can make it much easier" - Könönen 

Veikon Kone's collaboration with Mobal has helped the retail chain save time and improve its business profiles, resulting in improved SEO and increased visibility online. With features like posting to multiple platforms and personalized pre-made review responses, Mobal has provided a valuable solution for Veikon Kone to manage their 56 store locations efficiently.

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