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September 7, 2022

How JBIL maximizes local visibility online for all their locations

September 7, 2022
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Find out how Magnus Ejdne, Marketing & Commercial Manager at J BIL, use Mobal to ensure that J BILs business profiles on Google are always up to date. 
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J BIL is a Swedish car dealership with seven locations across the country, selling the brands Peugeot, Opel, Citroën, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo. J BIL does not only sell, they do the service too. Their authorized workshops also perform service on these brands.  J BILs operations are strongly guided by its core values: Love, Energy, and Dynamics. They combine the highest professionalism with cordial customer treatment. We wanted to know more about why Magnus uses Mobal and what he values the most with the tool. 

Managing multiple business profiles on Google with ease

Magnus Ejdne - Marketing & Commercial Manager at J BIL - uses Mobal to ensure that J BILs business profiles on Google are always up to date. 

How JBIL uses Mobal to manage their multiple business profiles 


What was J BIL's main challenge in managing Google Business profiles before using Mobal?

We have many locations to manage across the country. With several locations, it was very time-consuming every time we wanted to update our profile's special opening hours, post offers and news, or images, for example. Now, it only takes a few clicks, and all our profiles are in shape, we are now spending our time much smarter. 

"With Mobal, we now have a solution that enables us to manage our business profiles in bulk. Which saves us much valuable time."


What are the primary purposes of managing business profiles from J BIL's perspective?

We've been analyzing our website's traffic and its correlation with sales. As a result, we now know that many customers simply do not convert to customers on our website. Instead, many use Google Business to look up phone numbers and addresses to our point of sales across the country. Hence, keeping our profiles up to date is crucial to avoid losing out on several potential customers. 


How has the Mobal platform helped J BIL achieve its goal/s so far? 

With Mobal, we now have a solution that enables us to handle our locations in bulk. Which saves us much valuable time. 

What functions have been the most beneficial for J BIL? 

The feature for replying to customer reviews makes Mobal more efficient than using Google's own Google Business tool. We now see all reviews in one single dashboard. With Mobal, we can also create automated review templates and ensure that the messages are personalized. The templates make it faster than ever to reply to the reviews. 

Have you gotten the support you need?

Mobals deep knowledge about Google Business and the local marketing landscape is valuable and helps us improve our overall local marketing. 


What are you looking forward to in the future when managing locations efficiently?

With the help of the Mobal platform, we aim to create a process that utilizes the power of Google Business. Google Business is a free marketing channel, and we want to use it to its maximum. Being able to handle all needed information, take care of contact with our customers and get a clear view of what is happening on the Google Business landscape is of the essence to us. 

60% more direction requests and better visibility on Google 

Since J BIL started managing their profiles, the number of direction requests to their locations has increased by around 60% (compared to the previous year). This means that 60% more people now click on the "direction request" button in their profiles to visit J BILs locations. Additionally, their profiles have shown up 50% more in discovery searches. A discovery search is when a customer searches for a category, product, or service that your business offer and your business profiles appears as a result. The better optimized your Google Business listing is, the bigger the chance that your business will appear in a discovery search. 

Why 9/10 companies should focus on business profiles instead of website building💡? 

A few hints:

✔️ The increase in zero-click searches on Google

✔️ Free advertising space

✔️ Businesses in certain industries get more views on their business profiles than on their website

✔️ Around 60% of smartphone users contact businesses through the Google Business Profile.

Your customers ability to find you online is vital. Mobal is the easiest and fastest way to keep your business profiles in shape and up-to-date, effortlessly. Start managing your business profiles today. Get in touch with out sales team.

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