October 2, 2023

Mobals Google Business Profile Service Powers Audio Concept to +108% Website Clicks

Summary of case study
 Audio Concept did not actively manage its company profiles on Google before Mobal entered the picture. This resulted in a passive profile on Google and a potential loss of customers.
Today, Audio Concept uses Mobal's services for managing its company profile on Google. Each week, the profile is updated with images and posts, all customer reviews are responded to, and company information is checked for accuracy.
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Find out how Audio Concept uses Mobals managed service to manage their presence on Google and get found by more customers.
October 2, 2023
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Find out how Audio Concept uses Mobals managed service to manage their presence on Google and get found by more customers.
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Audio Concept is a leading player in the audio and home electronics industry with an impressive history. Founded by entrepreneurs Robert Grubstad and Likki Luukkinen to enhance customers' lives through music and technology, Audio Concept has established an exceptional store in Stockholm for enthusiasts and customers who value high-quality sound and visuals in their homes.


Audio Concept is a leading player in the audio and home electronics industry with an impressive history. Founded by entrepreneurs Robert Grubstad and Likki Luukinen with the aim of providing high-quality access to music in home environments based on market-leading products and technology, Audio Concept has created an outstanding store in Stockholm for enthusiasts and customers who appreciate the positive effects of music.

With a fundamental passion for sound and technology, the company has become one of the most respected names in delivering high-quality audio experiences and audiovisual equipment. Today, the company has built a strong reputation and offers the latest and most innovative solutions in audio and visual technology.

AudioConcept Picture

Audio Concept was established more than 20 years ago. "The purpose is to contribute to the joy of music through the purchase of high-quality products. We have consciously chosen this strategy not to contribute to an ever-growing 'pile of junk' through a buy-and-throw-away mentality. Good products last longer, and one has more fun with them in the meantime. Moreover, it is a much better investment if you avoid frequent replacements. We have been the largest player in high-end in Sweden for many years, organizing an annual fair in Stockholm (HEM) and having a larger store in Stockholm for product demonstrations," says Robert Grubstad, owner, and co-founder of Audio Concept.

Both Likki and Robert had backgrounds in other industries when they started Audio Concept. They began their business in a store that quickly outgrew its space. Underlying their deep interest in hi-fi and music, the business evolved, and Likki and Robert began introducing products that were not previously available in the local market, differentiating themselves by focusing on offering high-quality products in particular.

With a strong focus on customer needs and dedicated expertise in the audio and visual field, Audio Concept provides tailored solutions that suit individual tastes and budgets. The company collaborates with leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure that their customers have access to the very best in audiovisual technology.

AudioConcept Google Business profile

Objective: Presence on Channels Where Customers Are

Audio Concept values its customers and aims to provide them with the best possible experience. Being present on channels where potential customers are, in a professional and credible manner, is an important part of Audio Concept's marketing strategy.

We asked Robert about his views on marketing overall today and what is especially important to consider to stand out and reach the right audience.

"When it comes to marketing, we realize that the noise in the market is enormous, and it's challenging to stand out. Therefore, it's important to be present in the channels where our potential customers are. Digital channels like Facebook, Google, and Apple are obvious choices, but the most important thing is that our customers know they can trust us and that we always strive for the highest service and expertise. Our honesty and genuine interest in our customers are what really matter and have helped us build a good reputation in the industry."

Challenge: Time to Manage Business Profiles Professionally

Audio Concept did not actively manage its Google business profiles before Mobal came into the picture. "We mainly just updated our opening hours and some standard information in the profiles," says Robert. In addition to updating their digital channels, Audio Concept has monthly ads in industry magazines. For many years, they have had a fixed, small ad in SVD every week. In addition to this, they participate in discussion forums, market through their website, and newsletters.

Solution: Mobal's Business Profile Management Service

Every part of the profile on Google, including images, posts, opening hours, and customer reviews, is important for Audio Concept, Robert explains. Naturally, all information must be accurate, but since the industry is emotionally driven, the first impression is crucial for Audio Concept. Therefore, the presentation of images, posts, and text is of great importance, and Mobal has helped Audio Concept display these elements in a neat and professional manner.

Today, Audio Concept uses Mobal's service to manage its business profile on Google. Robert says that the collaboration started very well and smoothly. "We see positive results, and our profile is being handled professionally."

Every week, the profile is updated by Lina, local marketing expert at Mobal, with images and posts, all customer reviews are responded to, and the company information is checked for accuracy.

"The collaboration with Mobal has been very smooth, and we have had excellent communication with the team. Lina, our contact at Mobal, has been very helpful in resolving any issues. Our c profile has improved significantly since we started using Mobal, and now we can focus more on our core business and leave profile management in safe hands," says Robert.

The three main advantages of Mobal's business profile management service, according to Robert, are:

  1. Saved Time: We no longer need to spend as much time managing our business profile on Google.
  2. Professional Presentation of the Profile: Mobal has helped us create a professional and engaging presentation of our business.
  3. Confidence in Delegation of Responsibility: We can trust that Mobal takes care of our business profile.

AudioConcept Google business profile

Results of Managing the Business Profile on Google

The biggest difference since Mobal started managing Audio Concept's Google Business profile is that they can now delegate this important communication channel to a team that handles it professionally. It has relieved Robert and his team from the task, allowing them to fully focus on their core business.

"It can be hard to keep up with everything when running a businesses, including the Google business profile. Mobal's service has led to a professional presentation that we feel reflects our brand and our business," says Robert.

Because the profile is always updated with correct information and gives a professional impression, several customers have found both the store in Stockholm and the website. In the past month, Audio Concept has received +108% more clicks to its website compared to a month earlier. Directions have increased by 34% in the past month. Overall, the profile has received 27% more views on Google in the past month (compared to the previous month) and now appears prominently on Google searches for "hifi," "audio," and "hifi Stockholm."

"It pays off to get help from someone who manages the profiles, so that focus can be placed on other things. All at a reasonable cost. Mobal is among the very few credible players who actually deliver!" concludes Robert.

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