Local listing software for multi-location businesses

Mobals AI-powered platform offers the most efficient and convenient solution for maintaining all your  business profiles seamlessly.

Business profile management platform
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Why enterprise businesses choose Mobal

Streamline they way your business profiles are managed. Ensure that all your profiles, across all major online directories are updated.

Powerful bulk features

Use the bulk features on Mobal to update opening hours, posts, media and more across multiple profiles, with one click.

AI and automation

Speed up the management of your profiles 10x with AI and automation. Save time and resources with Mobal.

Easy user management

Delegate user roles to your team to divide up the work. Ensure store staff can update business hours, while the HQ takes care of the content.

Meaningful insights

Keep close track of your profile performance, from views to actions and reviews.

Custom API 

Mobal offers a custom API for profile management empowering businesses to build customized integrations.

Expert support

Your own local marketing expert will take care of all of your online profiles and ensure they are in top shape.

A platform built for multi-location businesses

From restaurants, to retail, automotive and beyond, Mobal makes it easy to manage multiple business profiles across multiple online directories.

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A local listing platform that scales with your ambitions

A seamless experience for managing business profiles. Our platform is designed to help your team speed up their work while reaching more customers online.

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On-demand reports

Get access to real-time reports whenever and wherever you want. With our analytics, you get a detailed, inside look at how people find and use your business profile online.

Scalable local marketing platform

Mobal scales with your needs. Add new locations easily and start updating your profiles.

Custom API 

Mobal develops native integrations with our partners that are both robust & scalable. Be it a small data table or a fully integrated API-based solution within your technology stack.

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One central and secure platform for all your business profiles

From connections with all major online directories and custom API capabilities, we have solutions to connect and sync with any type of large business.

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Frequently asked questions

What integrations does Mobal have? 

Mobal has direct integrations with all the major online directory sites, such as Apple Business Connect, Google Business, Bing and Facebook. Check out all the integrations on Mobal here.

Can I bulk verify Google Business profiles with Mobal? 

Yes, Mobal offers the capability to efficiently verify multiple Google Business profiles in bulk.

Does Mobal offer an API solution? 

Yes, Mobal offer an API solution. Please book a demo with our sales team for more information.

Is Mobal suitable for enterprise businesses? 

Mobal is designed specifically for enterprise businesses, providing advanced bulk features, simplified user management, and AI capabilities to enhance operational efficiency.

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