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In a world where everyone’s in a hurry and looking for an instant hit, a well-optimized Google business profile makes your business stand out on Google and reach local customers.

Restaurants Colorado Bar And Grill and Hook Attracting more Diners: +117% Surge in Direction Requests

This case study highlights the collaboration between Colorado Bar & Grill and Hook, and Mobal, resulting in substantial enhancements to their Google Business profiles. Under Janika Harttunen's leadership, Mobal's support has led to significant increases in profile views, direction requests, and phone calls for both establishments, solidifying their status as top dining destinations in Levi.

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Stefan's Steakhouse Vaasa: Driving More Reservations Through their Google Business Profile

Discover how Mobal transforms Stefan's Steakhouse's Google Business profile, boosting visibility and driving more table bookings.

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48% Better Click-Through Rate - How Stockholm Quality Outlet Maximizes its Visibility on Google

Find out how Stockholm Quality Outlet has achieved a +48% increase in their CTR in their Google Business profile by using Mobals Managed Service solution.

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Björklund saves time and improves visibility on Google for its restaurants using Mobal

Learn how Nordiska Matkompaniet, led by Jenny Björklund, revolutionizes its online presence with Mobal. Jenny and her team share insights into navigating the ever-changing restaurant industry, emphasizing the importance of digital visibility and efficient information management.

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Empowering Digital Success: Driving Customer Engagement and Marketing Opportunities for Newsecs Local Shopping Centers' Hertsi, Niitty, and Länsituuli

Discover how Hanna Feodorov, Shopping Center Manager at Newsec, has taken the online visibility of three bustling local shopping centres, Hertsi, Niitty, and Länsituuli to a new level with the help of Mobal's Local Listings Service. 

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Fit Skatta: Effective Google Business Profile Management with Mobals expert service

Meet Fit Skatta: Helsinki's premier fitness destination in Katajanokka, boasting top-notch equipment and a tranquil spa. With Mobal's expert Google Business management, owner Nina Kalina ensures a strong online presence, driving engagement and growth. Partnering with Mobal has not only simplified Fit Skatta's digital footprint but also boosted profile visibility and interactions, showcasing the vital role of streamlined online management in today's fitness industry.

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How Helsinki Outlet Builds Its Google Profile for Authenticity and Embraces Customer Feedback for Excellence

Dive into the success story of a unique shopping village featuring over 40 premium brand stores with a curated mix of Finnish, Nordic, and international labels. Explore how Mobal is helping Helsinki Outlet take complete control of its business profile and ensure a seamless customer experience from discovery to visiting the shopping village.

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How MacPeople's Business Profile Tune-up Guides More Customers to their Stores with the Help of Mobal

MacPeople Oy, the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Finland, encountered a familiar challenge in the dynamic landscape of Apple retail—maintaining and updating their online business profiles. Seeking a comprehensive solution, Marketing Manager Miika Haapala turned to Mobal's service, resulting in a transformative impact on impressions, navigations, and direct calls.

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The Postal Museum's Journey to Enhanced Visibility Online, Visitor Engagement, and a 4.6-Star Google Rating

Nestled in the heart of Tampere, the Postal Museum stands as a custodian of communication history, unravelling the threads of postal services from past to future. At the helm of the museum's communication efforts is Mirka Ylä-Mattila, a seasoned professional who has been involved in shaping the museum's narrative since 2015. Mirkas responsibilities include informing the public about the Postal Museum through press releases, managing social media channels and advertising, and contributing to the content production of exhibitions.

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Maarianhaminasta digitaalisesti toimiva kaupunki karttaprofiilien avulla

Siivoamalla ja varmistamalla, että kaikki Google Maps & Search -tiedot ovat oikein ja ajan tasalla, Maarianhaminan kaupunki tarjoaa paikallisille ja vierailijoille helposti saatavilla olevaa tietoa.

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Revolutionizing Discoverability and Engagement on Google: ICA Nära Sergels Torg

The success story of ICA Nära Sergels Torg and Mobal showcases the transformative power of managing a Google Business profile effectively. Initially facing challenges with outdated information and unappealing visuals, ICA Nära Sergels Torg partnered with Mobal to revamp their profile. The collaboration resulted in increased discoverability, engagement, and foot traffic for the store.

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Ravintola Sunn boosts its local marketing with Google Business

Restaurant Sunn's profile's complex data and tangible results speak for themselves. The overall views from the profile increased 52%.

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TEMPUR: Mission achieved - Letting people discover better sleep with better discovery on Google Business

Tempur is letting people discover better sleep with better discovery on Google Business.

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How JBIL maximizes local visibility online for all their locations

Magnus Ejdne - Marketing & Commercial Manager at J BIL - uses Mobal to ensure that J BILs business profiles are always up to date. Read the full interview.

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Unlock the Secrets to Byggmax's Success: How Byggmax Streamlined their Business Listings Management and Reach Millions of People on Google

Byggmax partnered with Mobal to take control of their business listings and turn their inactive business listings into active marketing channels.

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UFF Increased Their Reach on Google by 154% with Mobal

Find out how UFF manages their business profiles to win more customers, improve customer experience and keep a their brand consistent online. By managing their business profiles actively, the actions (direction requests, website visits and calls) in the profiles went up by 139%.

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Large retail chain Veikon Kone Saves Time and Boosts SEO with Mobal

Find out how Veikon Kone, a large retail chain, uses their Google Business profiles to win more customers and strengthen their online reputation. Since starting the collaboration with Mobal, they have used Mobal almost daily.

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Fizza's Automated Pizza Machines Heat Up Google with 10x More Customer Engagement

With 11 locations in Finland and four abroad with more to open up soon, Fizza provides artisanal pizzas, available 24/7 and ready to eat in just 3 minutes. With so many business profiles to manage, Fizza needed a tool that could help her streamline the process and get more control over Fizza's online presence.

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Hawaii Restaurants uses Mobal to Save Time while Reaching More Customers on Google 

With Mobal, Hawaii Restaurants now have a platform where all information is kept and updated from one place. With ready-made review templates and bulk features, they can update their information correctly in minutes.

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Mister French Group is Improving their Online Presence and Customer Satisfaction with Mobal

Discover how Mister French Group enhanced their online presence with Mobal, turning negatives into positives. Learn how they took control of their online content.

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Momotoko: Mastering the Online Landscape and Driving Restaurant Growth with a 316% Increase in Direction Requests

Find out how Momotoko is mastering the online landscape and driving restaurant growth with a 316% increase in direction requests.

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How Salon Eliza, a Popular Hair Salon, Enhances Their Google Visibility with Mobal

Malin Kajander, owner of Salon Eliza, two cozy and personal hair salons in Porvoo, shares her experience with the collaboration with Mobal. The Google profile is a crucial marketing channel for Salon Eliza, with thousands of profile views and hundreds each month. Read about how Salon Eliza has improved its Google visibility with the assistance of Mobal.

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How BodyBuddy, a modern health café, ranks first on Google and reaches more customers online

Discover how BodyBuddy transformed its business profiles with Mobal to rank higher on Google and enhance its online visibility.

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Mobals Google Business Profile Service Powers Audio Concept to +108% Website Clicks

Audio Concept is a leading player in the audio and home electronics industry with an impressive history. Founded by entrepreneurs Robert Grubstad and Likki Luukkinen to enhance customers' lives through music and technology, Audio Concept has established an exceptional store in Stockholm for enthusiasts and customers who value high-quality sound and visuals in their homes.

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REDRIB Experience: Transforming Their Presence on Google with Over a Hundred 5-star Reviews

REDRIB Experiences, founded by Leif Rosas in 2018, achieved a remarkable transformation in their Google Profile with Mobal's support. The partnership resulted in a professional, well-managed digital presence. The outcomes were substantial – increased visibility, a review surge, and a prominent industry position.

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