November 23, 2023

Career Development - Vincent's journey from cold calling to now managing our Nordic Sales Team

November 23, 2023
Jenny Jäntti
Taking your career to the next level can look different in a traditional company compared to a startup, where involvement and the high-paced environment can come with a reward worth fighting for. 
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Career Development at Mobal - Vincent Sandström's journey from cold calling to now managing our Nordic Sales Team

Taking your career to the next level can look different in a traditional company compared to a startup, where involvement and the high-paced environment can come with a reward worth fighting for. 

For our Nordic Sales Manager Vincent, the choice of working for a startup business was a career-changing experience. From cold calling to now managing our Nordic sales team was a jump, to say the least. This is his take on how he progressed at a startup and got the career boost he dreamed of. Oh, and, if you've had your eye on a startup and want to be a part of Vincent's team, you'll want to read to the end. 

Before Vincent takes the stage, let's look at what career development is and what we at Mobal do to help our Moballers progress towards their dreams. 

Career development is the process of choosing a career that you improve and advance

 It's a development journey of learning and making decisions that take you closer to your ideal career. Even though the process is done independently, it's the company's responsibility to give employees the guidance and support they need to reach their full potential. 

Career development at Mobal

At Mobal, a few things nurture the employee's career development journeys. 


Transparency is key in our organization, creating exposure to great leaders, strategy discussions, decision-making, etc. Through this, employees can absorb learnings, skills, mindset, and much more that is required in the industry. 


Through weekly and monthly 1-on-1 meetings, Mobal's leads create a support system that aligns with the employer's career path. 


Flexibility creates opportunities. Through our flexible way of working, we can provide our employees with opportunities to develop new skills and/or advance existing abilities.

We asked Vincent a few questions about his career path at Mobal, and these are his thoughts on it.

What was your goal when joining Mobal? And did it change during your time at Mobal. 

I wanted to learn as much as possible. Not only about my role and how to be the best possible salesperson but also about how every process looked like in a startup. 

How did you stay motivated? 

I firmly believe that the people of Mobal influence each other with motivation and productivity mainly because our fun and encouraging work environment impact our mood and performance. 

The transparent way of working also results in a work culture where feedback is valued. Both good and bad. This is also something that has kept me motivated and determined to bring sales deals in. I love the fact that people get easily praised for successful cases. We influence each other, and there's nothing better than hyping wins together. Not to forget to support each other when we fail. 

Compared to other companies, I've valued this kind of motivational factor in a startup. 

What do you value in a startup environment?

What is valuable about working at Mobal is your influence on different decisions. You can change things with your involvement and opinions. 

I didn't know anything about b2b before hopping on this train, but during my year at Mobal I've learned everything from how you run a company, build customer relationships, lead a team, and much more. I've seen this period as a fantastic learning opportunity, both business-wise and personally. 

My year at Mobal has been hectic, motivating, and educative, to say the least. Even though it is challenging at times, I wouldn't change it for the world. 

How can an employee increase their chances of growing their career at a startup?

You will go far in a startup with the right attitude and mindset. Especially traits such as determination and curiosity are highly valued in our environment. Not to forget that being bold and ready to jump in and take a risk is often needed in a high-paced company like Mobal. As the startup environment can change quickly, you should be able to do a quick U-turn. 

Lastly, we appreciate the ability to ask for help, questions, and general support. As most of us are juniors in what we do, we should help each other to reach our full potential. 

Become a part of our journey

If you got intrigued about working in a startup, great news, we are recruiting. We saved the best for last as we have different open positions available. Could one of them be a match for you? See our open jobs here

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