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Local marketing for retail businesses: 2023 edition

How is local marketing for retail businesses changing?

This report is created especially for retailers with brick-and-mortar locations. Local marketing is all about attracting local customers to your retail store. Customers have in the recent years changed the way they discover retail stores and interact with them.

The journey from searching for a product, to buying is often a non-linear road where the potential buyer interacts with multiple touchpoints before deciding to buy.

While traditional marketing strategies are still relevant, the shift in focus to online and omnichannel retail marketing is crucial to keeping a brick-and-mortar business afloat in 2023.

Download the 2023 local marketing report for retail businesses:

Learn about the latest in local marketing for innovative retail business owners and marketers.

Inside the report you’ll find:

Many technologies and trends will remain strong from 2022 and gain popularity in 2023. This report explores what retail businesses can do to elevate their local marketing efforts to reach out to customers in their neighborhoods in the coming year.

Analysis of the local marketing trends for retail in 2023: From the importance of omnichannel marketing to business listings and engaging with the local community.

Tools to help you bring the local marketing trends to life and ensure local customers find your retail store.

Industry insights from Mobal local marketing experts and real-life examples from Mobals customers and the effect local marketing has had on their businesses.

Why local marketing for retail businesses matter

Local marketing for a retail businesses is vital because it allows the business to become known in the local neighborhood and to individuals, attract new customers and promote themselves.


Of the world population look at first-page results.


of people learn about new business online.


of consumers have used a Google Business profile to find business information. 

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Learn about the latest in local marketing for innovative restaurant owners and marketers.