Teboil Pakila receives 30% more direction requests with an actively managed Google Business profile

How many times have you slightly stressed searched for the “Nearest gas station” while realizing that you are running out of gas and should have fueled up a couple of kilometers ago?

How many times have you slightly stressed searched for the “Nearest gas station” while realizing that you are running out of gas and should have fueled up a couple of kilometers ago?

The customer’s ability to find Teboil Pakila on Maps is key

When it comes to fueling up consumers are often making split-second decisions, on their mobile phones. The decision-making is based on a few important factors; which gas stations show up in the search results, marketing materials, and if their reviews make them more tempting than the station across the road.

For Teboil Pakila, not suprsingly the most used platform and device that people use to find their profile is Google Maps on mobile (37% of all searches).  

About Teboil Pakila:

Business: Petrol station

380 reviews

44.4 K profile views per month

675 direction requests per month

Teboil Pakila is a legendary petrol station and meeting point located at Pakilantie 66 in Helsinki. Teboil Pakila has decades of experience when it comes to serving both customers and cars. They have everything a car driver needs, from a delicious lunch buffet to car wash and maintenance services. Teboil Pakila even has a rental service, renting out both small city cars and vans.

“The best Teboil that I´ve ever visited 😊  “Customer review on Google My Business

By partnering up with Mobal, Teboil Pakila has made sure their Google My Business profile stands out on Google Search and Maps. By actively answering reviews, updating customers about special deals, and having an optimized profile that is easy to find, Teboil Pakila attracts local customers in the area.

Goal: make it easy for drivers to find their business


  • Increase visibility on Google Maps & attract more customers from the local area
  • Help customers and drivers easily find their location
  • Manage their online presence and actively answer reviews


  • Singed up with Mobal to build up, optimize and manage their Google My Business profile
  • Make sure all NAP info is up to date
  • Promote campaigns and special offers
  • Promote their daily lunch

Results after 6 months

Teboil Pakaila has had an actively managed Gooogle My business profile for under a year but has already seen significant results. Their Google My Business listing gets an average of 700 directions requests and 80 calls per month. This is a 30% increase in direction requests since the start. The total actions taken in their Google My Business profile have increased by approximately 25 %.

The total views of their profile have increased by around 26%. As we all know, first impressions are crucial. By continuously uploading both posts, promotions, and pictures of good quality, Teboil Pakila can maintain a strong and good-looking online presence and promote their business. In fact, the photos in Teboil Pakilas profile receive 710% more views than similar businesses.

Additionally, Teboil Pakila is offering a delicious lunch buffet that deserves more attention online. The menu is now being updated in their profile on a weekly basis making it only one click away for drivers to find out what their daily special is. This if anything is a clever way to attract hungry drivers.

Key learnings

  1. Make sure your petrol station shows up on Google Maps and Search
  2. Optimize your online presence for mobile
  3. Display marketing material and eye catching content
  4. Make sure your reviews make your location more tempting than the station across the road

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