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January 24, 2023

1.5 Million Views Per Month: How Managing Your Business Listings Can Boost Your Restaurant's Revenue

January 24, 2023
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Multi-location restaurant in London gets 1.5M monthly views in business listings compared to 6K monthly website visits

Are you still wondering why managing your business listings really matters? We've analyzed our customers' website and business listings analytics to find out exactly how significant the impact of business listings is. The results speak for themselves.

We explored one of our multi-location restaurant customers, and the results are astonishing. The restaurant has multiple locations across the city, serving hungry customers from Monday to Sunday every week.

Business listings compared to website views: 

The results

  • 1.5M views in each business listings each month
  • 7.15K actions taken in their business listings each month
  • 1.3M image views each month on Google
  • 50% increase in actions taken each month in their profiles

214 times more views in their business listings than on their website

The restaurant gets 1.5 million monthly views in each of its business listings; this is 214 times more views in their business listings than visits on their website, which gets around 6000 organic visitors per month. Of these 1.5 million profile views, the listings have 7.15K actions taken each month (actions being clicks to calls, direction requests, and website clicks).

1.3 million image views each month on Google

With Mobal, the chain has actively uploaded images, posts, and local offers to their listings. Only the posts receive around 33K views each month, while their pictures get approximately an impressive 1.3 million views per month.

"59% of customers view Google Business profile images before purchasing products or visiting a location. "

Google Business profile actions have increased significantly

Total actions (Clicks to calls, direction requests, and website clicks) taken in their businesses listings are on average 7.15K each month.

Clicks to calls, direction requests, and website clicks have increased significantly for the restaurant chain as a result of actively managing their Google Business profiles. Of the 7.15K actions taken, direction requests add up to approximately 3.2K of them. Direction requests are up by almost 50% compared to the previous year, meaning around 1.1K more customers visit their locationsacross the country this year compared to a year ago.

1.1K customers times the average meal price, which is around 20€, results in an increase of 22K € in revenue each month (just from the people taking a direction request from their listings, not taking into consideration the ones visiting their location based on their Google profiles without the direction request).

People expect to find information quicker than ever before

People expect to find information quicker than ever before. Business listings, such as Google Business Profiles or Apple place cards, are valuable sources of information for searchers looking for specific products or services online. Business listings serve the need to get information in a fast and convenient way on the go, much better than traditional websites.

Showing up in the local search results on Google and Google Maps - is crucial to getting your restaurant in front of new customers. The customer journey starts in the search engine today, with hungry customers searching for "restaurant near me," diner open now," or "vegetarian cafe." Your search presence across engines, directories, and networks like Apple apps, sets an expectation for customers before they ever set foot in your restaurant.

Inaccurate opening hours or outdated business information affects a customer's experience before they have a chance to be amazed by your delicious dishes and killer service—and in the worst case, that experience can result in a negative review, too.

The Mobal solution

With Mobal, the restaurant chain has built a thriving online customer experience for its customers and potential customers. By replying to reviews and uploading menu items, images, and posts to their listings, they've significantly improved their brand presence on Google Maps and Search. With these changes, they've consistently increased monthly views, search rankings, and visitors.

An outstanding online reputation

Online reviews directly impact the ranking of your restaurant on Google. Businesses with more positive reviews get rewarded by Google by appearing higher in the "Map Pack" at the top of organic search results.

The restaurant chain has built a solid online reputation by answering every single review and ensuring that happy and unhappy customers feel seen and heard. Automating the review managed process with Mobal, the chain allows no review to go unnoticed while saving 10X time each week.

Consistent business information across all business listings

With a business listings management platform, the restaurant chain can now update its opening hours and address from a single platform across all your listings. To deliver an outstanding customer experience, your hours of operation and location address must be accurate.

Mouthwatering images and local offers

Show your restaurant in the best light. Make your restaurant stand out online by highlighting your mouthwatering daily specials and uploading images and posts featuring your dishes. The more enticing your photos are, the more likely someone will contact you and reserve a table.

How are you allocating your marketing budget? 

Your business listings are no longer optional marketing channels and should be an essential part of your marketing strategy, at least if you wish to get more customers. Your business profiles are the first thing customers see when looking for you online, whether on Google search, maps or other apps.

Don't miss out on the benefits of a business listing management platform for your restaurant. Mobal offers an easy way to enhance your online presence and foster customer loyalty for your brand.

Get in touch with our sales team to explore Mobal and get a customised offer according to your business needs.

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