February 18, 2021

K-Supermarket Pekuri achieves 46% more calls, direction requests, and website visits with an actively managed Google Business profile.

Why are some stores easier to find online than others and why do some of these earn a consistent stream of traffic to their sites, while others don’t? Today, most of this has to do with how the business manages its online presence. Stores that want to capture new potential customers and keep existing customers up to date with reliable information, must take care of their online presence.

With an actively managed and optimized Google My Business profile K-Supermarket Pekuri is standing out on Google Search and Maps. They are keeping customers up to date with accurate information and features the best of their grocery store online. Customers can find their daily changing lunch menu, opening hours, and special offers, with only one click.

Also, according to customers, businesses that respond to their reviews are 1.7 times more trustworthy than other businesses that do not reply to reviews. By having an active review strategy, K-supermarket Pekuri manages to build customer loyalty and trust.

K-Supermarket Pekuri is a high-quality grocery store with products from all around the world, located in the city center of Oulu. It is famous for its incredible selection of fresh fish both from near and far and for its selection of unique foods and drinks. K-Supermarket Pekuri constantly tries to be one step ahead of the customers’ wishes and always strives to offer something that will positively surprise the customer. By having a strong online presence, they now can receive feedback and learn more about their customers to meet their wishes


Improve ranking and visibility on Google

Communicate more effectively with their customers online

Raise more awareness about their products and offers in a cost-effective way


Optimize and actively utilize the Google My Business profile to actively reach out to local customers.

Results after 5 months of management

  • 46 % more  interactions in their profile
  • 21,9 % more of searches on Google triggered their Google My Business profile
  • Over 120 new reviews

The most important search terms that returned their profile in the search results were not branded keywords. Meaning that a considerable part of all searches are discovery searches, in fact around 45% of them are. Discovery searches refer to generic searches such as “grocery store near me” or “grocery store open now”, meaning that these searches are non-branded. To reinforce and optimize the non branded keywords and thereby also maintain a strong local SEO strategy in your area will help you bring  in more new customers to your store.

Through efficient use of Google My Business, K-Supermarket Pekuri has been able to experience and see a direct positive result in a time span of only a couple of months. With more interactions, views and and consistent stream of reviews in their GMB profile, K-Supermarket Pekuri now has an established online presence. This also has an positive effect on their ranking on Google Search when searching for supermarkets in the area.

What is also evident is the increasing importance of posts in GMB. Last month only, Pekuri had 172% more views on their posts in their profile than the previous month. Google has since the beginning of this year started to reward GMB posts more by showing them in the search results when searching for a keyword mentioned in a post. Posts on Google My Business are seen by those who are interested in what you offer and your business.

Clear communication with your customers during uncertain times

Not to forget, it’s now more important than ever to communicate with customers regarding health and safety measures due to the ongoing global pandemic. Through Google My Business K-Supermarket Pekuri has been able to effectively communicate the most accurate updates about the health and safety measurements taken in the store, such as that the staff wears masks.  

Setting up and managing your Google My Business account is more important than ever. Consumers are spending more and more time online browsing before making a purchase decision. Your digital storefront really matters.  

Want to hear more about the benefits of Google My Business and an actively managed profile? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help your business shine on Google Search and Maps.

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