Food & Beverage

Did you know that most "near me" searches relates to food? Hungry customers mean hungry eyes, so let us help make your profile appealing!

Keep your online presence fresher than a loaf of bread, from making sure your menu is updated to your special hours during the holiday season.

Let your stunning dishes sell themselves!

Help customers find your restaurant on Google, and then allow them to book a table directly from your profile with the Reserve feature.

Give your café a shot of espresso

Energise your profile and let customers know what kind of coffee you serve and post special offers to attract them to your café.

Scale up easier than adding another seat at a table

Does your business have multiple locations? Awesome! With Mobal, updating multiple locations is easier than boiling an egg!

Your customers get hungry at all hours of the day, so ensure they can find you

Customers are looking for you at all hours of the day. Your Google Business Profile never sleeps, so make suer your customers can find your automated restaurants. Let customers know what you are serving and encourage them to leave a review! Spread the word about your automated kitchen on Google.

Online ordering

Make it easier to order from your restaurants. Accept online orders for pickup or delivery directly through your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

Easy online ordering
Increased conversion
Satisfied customers

Display your menu

Update your menu in your Business Profile to let your customers know what your serve before they set foot in your restaurant.


Table reservations

Let your customers reserve a table with just a few taps directly within your Business Profile. The Reserve feature in Google connects to a variety of online services that let you easily manage your reservations.

Directly within the profile


Add mouth-watering pictures and create compelling posts about your offerings, events and news. Tailor your messaging to reach your best target customers and entice them to show up at your restaurant.

Posts and offers
Local Ads
Compelling pictures

Manage reviews

Engage with your customers on Google by actively replying to reviews and feedback. Over 60% of consumers check reviews before visiting a place, so make sure you know what your customers are talking about, and join the conversation.

Engage with your customers
Build your reputation
Increase integrity

Understand your customers

There is data behind every customer. Understand all aspects of how your customers find you and what they are looking for in your profile. See real time analytics and generate reports of your locations.

Understand your customers
Detailed data
Track your growth