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Why Google My Business will be your most valuable asset in a post-pandemic world

Google My Business in a post-pandemic world

As businesses start to open up again, customers will turn to Google Search and Maps for opening hours and accurate location information. Google My Business has been a powerful tool for local businesses to keep their customers up to date during a year of uncertainty.

Google My Business has evolved rapidly since January 2020 – introducing new and enhanced features, adapting to COVID-19, and has fixed several bugs. The main new features were related o COVID-19, enabling local businesses to communicate with their customers about the safety and health attributes and adding special opening hours to mention two.

We have helped our customers update their special business hours and share information about special arrangements and offerings during the global pandemic. We have also continuously conveyed information regarding the health and safety measures the businesses have applied due to COVID-19. We helped our customers gain a solid and trustworthy online presence when the digital presence of local companies became essential. Check out some of our success stories!

Edit directly in Google Search

Another significant improvement in 2020 was the direct edit experience, which made it much easier for managers of Google My Business to edit a profile directly in Google Search. In addition to this,  Google kicked off the new year with updated and improved insights and performance reporting. The performance reporting now includes metrics describing how consumers have discovered listings and their interaction in the profiles.

In 2021, Google will continue making moves in the local landscape. They will continue to develop and improve the consumer experience by encouraging fewer clicks and faster conversions, creating a smoother customer journey than ever.

Adapting to the new norms

It is safe to say that consumer behavior patterns changed significantly during 2020 due to COVID-19. Consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping online and e-commerce,  which is expected to grow even further this upcoming year. E-commerce is growing around the globe, and it is primarily being driven by consumers using their mobile devices.

With more commerce in the digital landscape, consumers expect to interact with the brand holistically. This means that the desired customer journey becomes less linear, making the customer experience excellent at all touchpoints online. The Google My Business profile will be a crucial part of the mobile experience for local businesses.

The Google My Business profile will be a crucial part of the mobile experience for local businesses Google My Business profile will be a vital part of the mobile experience for local businesses according to a study by McKinsey, companies will need to adapt their strategies to the new norms, influenced by consumer behavior.

Key takeaways

  • Adjust efforts and spend to where the consumers are now; online. Go digital and make sure your online presence is top-notch.
  • The need for hygiene transparency is increasing and will continue to be an essential source of concern for consumers.
  • Better communication of availability. Consumers are now switching brands quickly due to new shopping behavior as a response to economic struggle, store closings, and changing priorities. The information about availability is currently the most vital driver of new brand purchases.

These new norms increase the importance of a local appearance online and an accurate flow of information. We will continue to manage and grow our customer’s Google My Business profiles by active management and continuity. In need of help with shaping your online presence? Do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be happy to share our expertise!

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