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Why Google My Business Listing and Optimization is crucial for every business out there

Google My Business optimization has emerged as the most important tool for local businesses and marketers alike (as it should be!). In a recent industry survey gathering data from about 475 local marketers – both agencies and freelancers – it was found out that Google My Business (GMB) optimization, and not website design or on-site optimization, is considered the most valuable local marketing service in 2020.

Website optimization is now second most valuable local marketing service. It remains a major key to success for businesses globally however, gains primarily lay in adopting and utilizing the true potential of the Google My Business service for local businesses.

Google My Business is becoming increasingly important since it is now the first point of contact for most consumers before they visit a local business’ physical outlet or website – with 64% of consumers using Google My Business to find business addresses or phone numbers.

Sometimes local businesses and marketers can be at odds about which of the SEO services is most important, however both sides agree that there is a lot to gain from Google My Business optimization while maintaining that traditional SEO is still important.

As a local business, should Google Rankings be important to you?

Industries such as Food and Beverage (restaurants), Retail, and Grocery stores rely entirely on local traffic for sales and revenue. These are also the industries to be most likely viewed first online by consumers.

87% consumers use Google Maps to look for local businesses; which means that having a Google My Business listing is necessary in absolutely critical to a business’s success.

Google Rankings are the most valued local marketing metrics by businesses. According to the survey, Google rankings are the most meaningful metric to businesses than new customers and new leads.

The top 5 local marketing metrics valued by businesses are:

  1. Google rankings
  2. New customers
  3. New leads/inquiries
  4. Organic traffic
  5. Number of new reviews

More information about the survey can be found at:

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