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October 27, 2023

The October Update: New in Mobal

October 27, 2023
We're thrilled to bring you the latest enhancements and features. As part of our commitment to continuously improve and refine your interactions with our product, we've been working to bring you a monthly feature release designed to empower you and make your tasks easier and more efficient than ever before.
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Our mission is to improve your experience with Mobal, and we're excited to share what we've been working on.

We're thrilled to bring you the latest enhancements and features. As part of our commitment to continuously improve and refine your interactions with our product, we've been working on new features designed to empower you and make your tasks easier and more efficient than ever before.

In this month's release, you'll find a set of updates designed to improve your productivity and efficiency. We've listened to your feedback and looked at industry trends to ensure we deliver what you need.

New design for better profile overview

The new profile design is all about delivering a more intuitive and comprehensive overview of your profiles. We've taken your feedback and insights to heart, and the result is a sleek, user-friendly design that makes it easier than ever to access your profile and update the information that matters most to you.

Timely suggestions to improve your business profiles

We understand the importance of maintaining a stellar online presence, so we're excited to introduce a valuable feature that will help you enhance your business profiles effortlessly.Timely Suggestions are designed to provide you with regular recommendations and actionable insights to improve your business profiles. It's like having a personal advisor at your fingertips, guiding you on what steps to take to keep your profiles in shape.

Improved bulk actions

The bulk feature has gotten a significant update to make it easier to get an overview of the profiles you are bulk posting to. With our latest update, you can now easily view profiles that have been excluded or permanently closed or don't have an active connection to Meta or Google. This added visibility ensures you're in the know about the status of your profiles, enabling more informed decisions and better data management.

Major Loading Speed Improvement

You can now look forward to lightning-fast loading times across the entire platform. Whether you're accessing your data, browsing profiles, or updating your profiles, you'll notice a substantial improvement in how quickly everything loads. This enhancement saves you time and ensures a seamless user experience.

Improved search experience on Mobal

We've improved our search functionality to offer you a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience. With this improvement, you can now search for profiles using the usual keywords and names and by city, country, and address. This means you have more ways to find the specific profiles you're looking for, making your search more accurate and efficient.

Easier user management

User management just got a lot easier. The improved user management allows you to invite your co-workers to help manage profiles with remarkable ease. Whether you have a team of colleagues or collaborators, this update empowers you to delegate tasks and responsibilities seamlessly, making teamwork and profile management a breeze.

Key Benefits
  • Collaborate Seamlessly: Invite team members or co-workers to join you in profile management, ensuring tasks are efficiently distributed and handled. Let store managers manage opening hour while you take care of the profile content, for example.
  • Effortless Delegation: Easily assign roles and responsibilities, streamlining the profile management process and reducing your workload.
  • Improved Productivity: With multiple hands on deck, you can get more done in less time, providing a more efficient and effective experience.

Preview your profiles

Profile Preview is an addition that allows you to review and assess your profiles directly from Mobal. It's your chance to see exactly how your profile will appear to others, ensuring everything looks how you want.

New business categories to choose from

We've expanded our selection of business categories that you can choose from. This means you now have even more options to represent your business or services accurately.  Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, this expansion will help you find the perfect category to showcase your expertise and services in your profiles.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback as you explore the expanded range of business categories and use them to improve your profile's accuracy and visibility!

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