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Make sure customers find your business online with Mobal

Save time and make sure customers find you online with Mobal

We are excited to announce that our Platform is live and available for everyone out there. 

If you manage various business locations with changing opening hours, offers and information, you know the power of having a well-working and powerful tool to manage your profiles. 

We wanted to share some of the insights and learnings we've gained over the past two years with this article. Our learnings and insights have strongly shaped our process in building what Mobal does today. 

Our Lighthouse Program and our service customers have been essential to us. It has enabled us to work with marketers and business owners from the start, understanding needs and pain points and then building features accordingly. Our north star has been and still is to resolve any challenges related to managing business profiles. 

Today, Mobal has grown into a team of over 30 passionately working with connecting people with the right businesses and 500+ customers actively working with their local presence. 

A more local world 

Along our journey, we’ve learned that one of the most frustrating things for customers looking for a business online is not to find any information or, even worse, the wrong information. 

We’ve also learned that it is a hassle for marketers and business owners to make sure all information across all platforms online is up-to-date and correct. It takes a tremendous amount of time and almost requires a wizard to coordinate all the different social profiles out there. We strongly believe that getting your local presence in shape should be smooth and easy! This belief is why we’ve built the Platform. 

All your Business Profiles in one place

First impressions matter. Your online presence has a significant impact on how your customers view your business. To get the most out of Mobal and see the best results from your local marketing efforts, we’ve seen that updating your profile at least once a week has proven successful. 

The more active you are, the more likely new customers will find your profile compelling and exciting, and in the end, making customers choose your business. We’ve built our features so that anyone can update your business information, offers, posts, and answer reviews with just a few clicks. 

Get started with Mobal today! 

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