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Satisfy your munchies directly via Google – New feature introduced

A piping hot feature introduced in Google My Business, “Food ordering” now enables you to order food directly from Google. In practice, this means that approved partners offering food-delivery services can connect to your business, making it possible for users to place their orders directly through your Google My Business-profile. When clicking the “Order online”-button showing in your profile, the users will get a display of your menu to pick their order and the restaurants will receive the order directly from Google. Satisfying your munchies has never been this easy.

Proof of why online-presence for restaurants is crucial

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken it’s toll on many local businesses, and restaurants are no exception to this. However, by partnering with food-delivery service providers, numerous restaurants have managed to stay afloat by serving their customers online. The introduction of this shortcut-feature in Google is yet more evidence of how growingly important online-presence is for restaurants. “Food offering” is currently available in select countries, but we encourage all approved providers to keep an eye out for this possibility in the very near future. Stay tuned!

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