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Overcoming zero-click searches with Google Posts

There are several ways to maximize the use of your Google My Business profile, one of which is to create Google Posts. When searching for freshly baked offerings from cafés or quick service for a flat tire, your posts can act as the gateway for bringing in new customers. Your Google My Business profile serves as the first impression that potential customers get from your business, and they should be provided with all necessary information at first glance.

65% of the search queries made on Google end at the results page

According to Search Engine Land, during 2020, almost 65% of the search queries made on Google ended without users clicking through the results page. The increased amount of “zero-click”-searches puts your Google My Business profile in a crucial position, while your website comes in second. This is where Google Posts come in handy, as this feature gives you the opportunity to advertise your services organically. When posting frequently, you are keeping all users up-to-date with what is going on within your business and at the same time giving you the opportunity to promote current events and possible offers.

Align your content with relevant keywords for your business

In comparison to the previous, 7-day display of your posts showing up on Google, you can now have up to 10 posts displayed at the same time in your profile. This of course requires some scrolling on behalf of the users but enables you to pack the posts with relevant information and keywords aligning with your business. For instance, when local residents look for nearby stores that sell freshly brought-in fish, their search term could be equal to “kalatiski” (Finnish for fish counter). Include that word in your posts, and voilà, the user can match the search term with your Google My Business profile!

A well-kept profile attracts customers

You can simultaneously create awareness of your services with relevant keywords integrated into your posts while giving out a professional, sleek picture of your business. Having a promotional thumbnail, cropped to fit the Google environment to support your text already takes you the extra mile. Including a call to action link in the post also activates the user and gives you concrete evidence of how Google Posts can lead to actual conversions. These numbers can be tracked by looking at the Insights in your Google My Business dashboard, or alternatively by adding a UTM tag to follow up on in Google Analytics. Google Posts is one of few free advertising possibilities for your business on Google. We strongly encourage you to start utilizing this feature and see those searches turn into paying customers.

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