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September 28, 2022

Online reputation management explained 

September 28, 2022
Online reputation management (ORM) is managing online information about a brand by actively monitoring mentions of your brand across all touchpoints online. 
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Google your business. What do you find? Is your business or brand represented fairly online? Do you have unanswered reviews on various platforms? 

Online reputation management (ORM) is managing online information about a brand by actively monitoring mentions of your brand across all touchpoints online. With over 70% of consumers starting their consumer journey with a Search on Google or Maps, no business can afford not to show up in search results or appear untrustworthy in the results.

Online reputation management happens across multiple channels online. It is, however, much easier to manage a business's online reputation with an online reputation management software. An ORM Software enables you to gather multiple review sites and social media pages on the same dashboard.

What is online reputation management? 

The main goal of online reputation management is to create a positive public perception of a brand or business (or person). Online reputation management should not be confused with online review management). Online reputation management is, in the end, a strategy to prevent any actions that could damage the business's reputation. The strategy includes addressing customer content or feedback, monitoring the business's reputation and engaging in online discussions. 

Why do you need to manage your online reputation? 

Online reputation management for your business is essential. Let's dig deeper into how online reputation management can actually benefit your business or brand. 

Stay at the top of search results. 

Search algorithms prioritize popularity. The more reviews your Google Business Profile has and the better your review score is, the higher your rank on the Google search engine. The more authentic reviews you have online, especially positive reviews, the more likely search engines, such as Google, will boost your profile to the top of the results. 

The search algorithms look for social proof in the same way people evaluate whether your website is reliable. Here reviews play a crucial part. The more visitors you have to your business listings and website, the higher sales you'll have in the end. 

The best part? The traffic is organic, so there is no need to spend on paid ads to convince people that they should buy from you. 

Boost credibility 

It said that around 90% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Online reviews from real customers significantly impact the trust a person has in your business. The reviews provide social proof that your business is credible and trustworthy.

Increase customer loyalty 

A strong online reputation has a direct impact on customer loyalty. Positive reviews online don't not only have the power to influence buying behaviour but also to dictate it. Replying to positive and negative reviews and engaging in discussions demonstrated receptivity from the business. A receptive attitude towards customer reviews helps to create brand awareness and encourage loyalty among existing customers. 

Generate valuable business insights

By following and monitoring your online reputation, you'll gain valuable business insights without sending out a million surveys to find out what your customers think.

The reviews your business gets online are perfect indicators of what your customers like or dislike about you, what you should be improving and what you do well. Negative reviews are a valuable source of information regarding the problems you should be aware of in your business. 

How to manage your online reputation

Managing your online reputation is more complex than just replying to a few reviews. Today, multiple channels fall into the area of online reputation management. 

Do a brand audit 

Search for your company on Google and other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Gather and analyze key information that you find. This includes, for example, what people write about your company, where your company is mentioned, and your average review rating on various sites. 

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is usually the first thing people see when searching for your business on search or maps. The more reviews you have on Google and your rating, the higher your rank on search engines. 

You need to have a Google Business account to answer reviews on Google. Setting up your Google Business account is a straightforward process. Start by searching for your business on Google Maps or Search. Find out if your company is displayed as a snippet with your business information. Claim and verify your profile. Insert all the relevant and essential information, contact information, address, photos, logo, opening hours, and posts to make the profile look compelling and professional. 

Learn how to list your profile on Google with this blog post.

How to get your customers to leave reviews 

Reviews, both negative and positive, will impact your business and bottom line in the end. Around 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Reviews undoubtedly have a powerful influence on consumers today. 

  1. Encourage your customer to leave a review. You can do this in person, by email, in a newsletter or at your physical business location. 
  2. Use your social media channels to encourage customers to leave reviews and engage in discussions. Remember to make it a bit extra fun. 
  3. Add a little pop-up message on your website with a link redirecting to a relevant review site. 

Download our guide to learn how to get your customers to leave reviews. 

How to manage negative reviews online 

Negative reviews can have a severe impact on your business's results. Negative reviews discourage existing and potential customers from buying your products or services. Therefore, you should never leave your negative reviews unanswered. 

Before tackling your negative reviews, audit the platforms where your business is present and evaluate the most critical ones. We recommend you look at your Google Business Profile, all your social media platforms, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot and other similar pages. 

Acknowledging and replying to negative reviews are an opportunity for your business to address problems head-on and show that your care about your customers. By responding to the reviews, you form authentic connections and have the opportunity to turn the negative into something positive.

Remember, if a customer has had a bad experience, they most likely won't be thrilled by just getting a discount coupon. You will have to go the extra mile to show that you genuinely care and that they can trust that you're trying to do everything you can to make things right again. 

Automate your online reputation management 

Transform all the reviews and feedback you get into valuable, actionable insights that fuel growth. Online reputation management combines marketing strategies, search engine optimization and public relations.

Online reputation management software enables companies to monitor customers' online reviews and promote a positive experience across all touchpoints online. enables businesses to centralize and automate their online review management from one dashboard. 

By automating your reputation and review management, you'll: 
  • Achieve much more consistency across your digital platforms and save time 
  • Save valuable time by using automated features and templates 
  • Respond to customers much faster
  • Minimize human errors 

An automated reputation management software will drive revenue and power your company's ability to scale your operations. 

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