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Offers in Google Business now have more visibility in the profile 

Offers in Google Business now have more visibility in the profile 

Local Business received over 10x more views of offer posts in Google Business than regular posts. 

In the ever-changing field of Google Business, you can now boost and enhance your Business Profile by adding offers to your profile. Offers and discounts are now more clearly visible than before in the Google Business profile. This feature gives business owners and marketers the chance to highlight their most recent offers and thus make it easier than ever before for customers to take action.

This feature makes it easier for consumers to find the best local deals in their near surroundings. Offers are an excellent way for businesses to attract local customers. Offering a discount is a quick and easy way to attract new customers, increase loyalty, and may even bolster brand reputation. 

How does Google offer posts work?

When logging in to the Google Business profile and clicking on Google Posts, you can click the “ Add offers” section. The offer can include information about the promotion, a coupon code, or additional terms and conditions. Furthermore, you can easily add the date and time of the offering and a captivating photo to attract interest. Setting a specific time validity for your offer or discount works well as an incentive for people to act. 

At the moment, the GMB dashboard lets you create posts such as:

Each category lets you create eye-engaging content and is vital for your local marketing strategy.

Every consumer loves a good deal. Grow your customer base by using the offer feature. 

The offer type update on Google often receives more attention in searches than regular news updates. One of our customers, TaliHalli, received outstanding data by posting offers in their Google Business profile. Although their regular posts got an average score of 500 views, their offer posts received over 5.1 thousand views simultaneously. Quite a tremendous result, if you ask us. 

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