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New in Mobal: Bulk upload menu link to Google Profiles

New in Mobal: Bulk upload menu link and automatic translation service

A new week means new improvements and features on Mobal. We've again taken one step towards our goal to build an intuitive, easy and joyful business listings management tool. 

Automatic translation service

As a part of larger future feature we now shipped a small integration using Google Translate API. Did you have a problem detecting the languages in reviews? No problem, we've fixed that for you. Every time you open a new review, we automatically detect the language of the review, and choose the review template according to that language.

We hope this will save you some time at least! 🎉

Bulk upload menu link in Google Business Profiles 

This feature is especially dedicated to our multi-location restaurant customers. Restaurants with multiple locations can update menu links in bulk on their Google Business Profiles. The bottom line is to save time while ensuring all profiles have accurate links and information. 

New short cut: Ctrl + enter to post review reply

Answering reviews can be time-consuming but is crucial for managing your online reputation. Not only does Mobal provide you with ready-made review templates, now we've also made it even easier to post a review reply by adding the shortcut Ctrl + enter. 

Other improvements that were made during this week are: 

  • Auto-generate tags to filter your profiles better 
  • The scheduler got a new design
  • Mobal can now auto-detect language from a review 
  • Added yet another improvement to image posting, checking for image size

Our top priority is to make Mobal intuitive, easy and joyful for marketers and business owners that manage physical locations. In the near future, you can look forward to more improvements on the platform. Every week we take one step forwards toward revolutionizing the business listing landscape. Want to stay on top of the latest updates? Join our Slack Community. 

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