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Mobal Summer '22 New Features

The product team has worked hard during the hot summer days to make your life easier when managing your business listings! We're again taking one big step toward bringing our vision to life with the newly introduced features and improvements made on Mobal.

New hot features introduced:

Business listings are the best way to communicate information to people searching for information about your business online. If. a business listing is missing or contains the wrong information, most people will feel less confident in the brand and trust it less. This can, in the worst case, lead them to choose a competitor over your business. The more sites that correctly list your business information, the more likely it will be that you'll be found online by the people looking for the products or services that you are providing.

Performance API

A big highlight is the Performance API implementation - you can now check the keywords that perform well for your locations. However, the interesting keywords may not be where you're performing well but where you could improve.


We're now sending you notifications for your bulk posts and lots of other stuff. Did you bulk post to 20 locations but notice a week later that the post isn't visible on some profiles? That's not a problem anymore.

Google Analytics

You can now authorize Google Analytics with Mobal, therefore creating a unified application where you can see both the stats for your website and your local marketing.

Google Analytics on Mobal


We finally released Instagram for Businesses! You can now manage all your Meta and Google profiles with just a few clicks and bulk posts or update your opening times to each platform simultaneously.

Update your Instagram Business Page from Mobal

Analytics revamp

We still have the 2-week average left, but we wanted to make it a bit easier to comprehend the data, so we added a weekly and monthly view.

In addition to these, we've made a lot of fixes and improvements, such as editing scheduled posts, the possibility to create a new business location directly on the platform, and the possibility to filter all review templates based on language.

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