Mobal Core Values

Our values and our purpose and mission give us something more significant to work towards, helping us understand our contribution to our industry and society.

They also help set and drive the culture of Mobal. Well executed, our values become a guiding force at Mobal, helping with strategy and decision-making.  When new talent joins Mobal, leading by example is inevitable to make new talent understand how we work. The core of our leadership at Mobal is to give room for people to grow. We encourage our team to ask for help when needed, give feedback and listen to constructive feedback. In a nutshell, we want to help everyone grow and learn from failures. 

Customer excellence

By focusing on our customers, all else will follow. We make substantial efforts to understand our customers, their circumstances and preferences, what they want from us, and their service expectations. At the core, we always do our best to understand our customer's pain points and how we can maximize the value, we create for them. 

We take ownership 

We trust that everyone can succeed in their role, work towards our common goals as a united team, and care for the success of Mobal. We expect activity from the team, meaning not waiting around for others to act but taking ownership and caring about the outcome. 

We maximize learning 

We learn by taking on new challenges, learning from failure, and teaching each other. We value truthful and straightforward feedback to support both the growth of the individual and the team. Learning is all about staying curious and a willingness to improve ourselves continuously. 

Fun fact: We have a weekly session called "Mobal learnings" where our local marketing professor educates us about the latest insights and industry news. 

We act with integrity 

It's easy to be transparent when the news is good. By acting with integrity, we mean that we tell the truth even when telling the bad news. Also, every employee has access to all the data within the company. 

We are consistent in our decision-making, keep it highly transparent, and always explain. Integrity is the cornerstone of our culture at Mobal. 

Caring, curious and courageous people 

We care deeply for our customers yet have the courage to challenge the status quo and become the best in what we do. Our curiosity makes us stay ahead of the curve and take on new challenges to bring more value to our customers. Caring is the primary key to creating real value for our customers and ensuring the well-being and happiness of the team. 

We care deeply about our culture and want to nurture it to make Mobal the best possible partner to cooperate with and the workplace to work at. It is our values and our culture that makes it possible for us to reach our goals and our vision. 

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