February 20, 2023

Meta's New Paid Subscription Service: What You Need to Know to Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram

April 3, 2024
Meta introduces new paid subscription service for verified badges on Facebook and Instagram, enhancing authenticity and user confidence.
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Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced a new paid subscription service for the verified badge on Facebook and Instagram, making it easier for a larger pool of users to get verified. The badge indicates that an account is confirmed as authentic, which can help users distinguish between real and potentially fake accounts and give more confidence in the content they see on the platforms.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced a new paid subscription service for the highly coveted "verified" badge on its social media platforms. The move comes in response to growing demand from users who want to stand out and be recognized for their authenticity on the platforms.

What is the verified badge on Facebook and Instagram?

The verified badge on Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, is a symbol that appears next to a user's name to indicate that their account has been confirmed as authentic by the platform. In the past, the verified badge was only available to public figures, celebrities, and some brands who met specific criteria.

However, a larger pool of users may now be eligible for verification with the new Meta verified badge paid subscription. The badge is intended to help users distinguish between authentic and potentially fake or impersonating accounts and to give users more confidence in the authenticity of the content they see on the platform.

What's the new verified badge on Meta?

According to a recent article on TechCrunch, the Meta verified badge paid subscription will allow users to apply for verification and receive a verified badge on their profile for a monthly fee. The subscription service will be available to eligible users in the coming weeks, with pricing yet to be announced.

Previously, the verification process on Facebook and Instagram was highly selective and manual, with only public figures, celebrities, and some brands eligible for the verified badge. However, with the new subscription service, Meta is opening up the possibility of verification to a broader pool of users who meet specific criteria.

In a statement, Meta said the new subscription service is part of its ongoing efforts to provide users with more options and tools to control their online presence. "We know that authenticity and credibility are important to our users, and we want to make it easier for them to demonstrate those qualities on our platforms," the company said.

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How do I get a verified badge on Facebook or Instagram?

To get verified on Meta, you'll need to meet specific requirements and provide the platform with documentation to prove your identity and authenticity. Here's a general overview of the steps you can take to apply for verification:

  1. Ensure that your account meets the eligibility requirements. This includes having a complete profile, being active on the platform, and following the community guidelines.
  2. Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner (on Instagram) or the down arrow on the top right corner (on Facebook). Then select "Settings"> "Account"> "Request Verification".
  3. You'll need to provide Meta with your full name, a copy of your government-issued identification, and additional documents that support your identity and authenticity. This could include a business license, tax filing, or articles of incorporation, depending on your situation.
  4. Once you've submitted your request, Meta will review your application and notify you of the outcome. The review process can take several weeks or longer.

It's important to note that the Meta verified badge paid subscription is currently being rolled out and may change the verification process. Additionally, not all users may be eligible for the subscription service.

In summary, to be eligible for the Meta verified badge paid subscription, users must meet the platform's existing verification requirements, including having a complete profile, being active on the platform, and following the community guidelines. Additionally, users must provide government-issued identification and other supporting documents to prove their identity and authenticity.

How will the meta-verified badge affect social media marketing?

The Meta verified badge paid subscription could have significant implications for marketers on Facebook and Instagram. With a larger pool of users now eligible for verification, marketers may find it easier to establish the authenticity and credibility of their brand or product on the platforms. This could be particularly beneficial for smaller or newer brands that may have struggled to get verified in the past.

Additionally, the verified badge may become an essential factor in influencer marketing, with verified influencers potentially commanding higher fees and more attention from brands. However, the move towards a paid subscription for verification may also create a further divide between brands and users, with those who can afford the subscription having a perceived advantage over those who cannot. Marketers will need to consider the potential impact of this development on their social media strategies and messaging.

What are the implications for corporate communications and reputation management?

The paid subscription service for verified badge has significant implications for corporate communications and reputation management. With the badge being more accessible, corporate social media accounts can establish authenticity and credibility more easily, which is crucial in building trust with their audiences.

However, with the increasing importance of transparency and authenticity, brands will need to ensure that they not only attain the verified badge but also consistently engage their audience with meaningful and trustworthy content. Failure to do so can negatively impact their reputation and credibility on social media.

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