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Beyond the Buzzword: Embrace your omnichannel strategy with Google My Business

A seamless customer journey with an omnichannel marketing strategy

Today, most consumers research the product or service they intend to buy before a purchase decision is made. Therefore, interacting with a brand across multiple channels is a natural and inevitable part of today's customer journey. The fact is that it is most rare that a customer today would walk into a store and buy something without researching the product first. The modern customer journey could be summarized as looking up a product or service online, studying it, walking into the physical store to check up the product, and then buying it online.

Walking into the physical store to check up the product, and then Omnichannel marketing is the process of creating seamless, meaningful, and integrated customer experiences both online and offline. To succeed, brands need to understand how the customer interacts with the brand throughout the whole customer journey. Omnichannel marketing is a shift towards customer-centric marketing; the focus should be to have the customer at the heart of the business at all times.

Another exciting aspect is that customers no longer want to get marketing messages pushed in their faces all the time. Customers instead wish to get answers exactly when they are looking for them and in the right places. An omnichannel marketing strategy gives the customer the power to choose precisely when and how to interact with the company.

Embracing your omnichannel strategy with Google My Business

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile is an excellent tool to improve your omnichannel experience. Your physical store gets a digital storefront with your Google My Business profile. The profile allows you to take charge of your digital percentages and help your customers find your physical store seamlessly and smoothly.

Your optimized and managed Google My Business profile creates an enhanced online experience for customers, which on the other hand, drives customer loyalty. Further, an optimized profile builds trust among your customers, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Intent driven decisions

Lastly, your Google My Business profile creates micro-moments for the customer. Micro-moments are intent-driven decision-making moments that shape the customer journey. To truly battle for the customer’s heart, mind, and money, you need to manage the micro-moments extraordinarily to stay ahead of the competition.

Consumers constantly shape their attitudes and preferences towards a brand. A brand needs to understand and meet the customers' needs in these micro-moments to succeed.

An essential part of an omnichannel strategy is to stay consistent with the brand throughout all the platforms where it is present. Your customers should always recognize your brand, and this applies to your Google My Business profile as well. Make sure you have control over all of your online profiles.

The mobile customer journey is everything.

Another ubiquitous sight today is that people constantly scroll their smartphones while walking, waiting in line, driving, traveling by train or plane. The goal of an omnichannel marketing strategy is to close the gap between your physical store, mobile, and desktop. When referring back to the statement that you need to be found by your customer at any time and in any place, it means that mobile should be at the center of your strategy.

Customers today expect to be engaging before, during, and after a purchase is made with your brand. Customers are jumping between offline touchpoints to online touchpoints faster than ever before. Hence, they expect consistent information at every touchpoint.

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